MIP41c4-SP12: GovAlpha Facilitator Onboarding

MIP41c4-SP12: GovAlpha Facilitator Onboarding


MIP41c4-SP#: #12
Author(s): Payton Rose
Contributors: @LongForWisdom, @juanjuan
Status: Accepted
Date Applied: 2021-05-11
Date Ratified: 2021-06-28

Sentence Summary

@prose11 application to be onboarded as a facilitator for the GovAphla (GOV-001) Core Unit.


I would like to formalize my commitment to the success of MakerDAO while taking on additional responsibility and accountability. This community has shown great generosity to me and I desire to serve Maker’s future.

My passion for this space brings me back every day. I would like to take on a role where I can help ensure community members old and new have the same access and support I was afforded while furthering the goals of effective, decentralized Governance.

Professionally, I would like to grow into a publicly responsible manager of resources and steward of community enrichment. I am confident MakerDAO, and especially the position of Governance Facilitator, can satisfy those desires for growth for years to come.

Core Unit ID

Name: GovAlpha

ID: GOV-001

Facilitator name and information

Name: Payton Rose

Permissioned Address: 0xf3ED2bdeBa77940E6759B806cd55CE20cAE369BE

Note that this permission address will be used as a keyholder in relevant multi-sig wallets and not for compensation or budget distributions.

Forum Handle: @prose11

Rocket.Chat Handle: @prose11

GitHub: @prose11

Relevant Credentials

  • Chief of Staff & Legislative Aide, 2017 to 2018 - House of Representatives, Colorado’s 52nd District
  • MIP Author - MIP47, MIP48, and MIP49
  • Sales Manager/Assistant Manager, 2018 to 2020 - Sears Outlet/American Freight
  • Bachelor of Arts, 2011 to 2015 - Political Science major, minors in Spanish and Creative Writing

Facilitator Commitment

I believe in the power and the commitment of the GovAlpha Mandate which I will reference throughout this section. Safety of the protocol is the primary concern for an elected member of this organization. This pledge includes, in my opinion, identifying operational mandates from a list of competing priorities. As a Governance Facilitator I commit to focusing on these principles in particular:

- Accessibility
- Neutrality
- Transparency 

I believe in a balanced approach to upholding these principles while stressing the safety of the protocol is crucial to effective facilitation.


In order for any global decentralized organization to thrive, accessibility must be ruthlessly defended. Accessibility to me means:

- Opportunity to participate in communication channels regardless of identity.
- Responsive Facilitators that respond to inquires in a timely manner.
- Emphasis on "Scientific Governance" that focuses discussions on the merit of ideas.

Put plainly, without accessibility, there is no DAO. If platforms and communication channels are not maintained in an accessible way the community will not be decentralized.

So far, I have contributed most heavily to ensuring accessibility through writing non-technical MIPs, parameter documentation, and note-taking. I have ensured that I am an informed resource for the community and provided the community with several documents for understanding the processes and mechanisms that are adjustable through Governance.

I commit to drawing attention to proposals and encouraging healthy debate through social engagement and measured moderation. My conduct as a contributor speaks to my passion and ability to support accessibility in the MakerDAO ecosystem.


Without neutrality, this position would represent one of a gatekeeper, casting doubt on the integrity of the DAO. To me, the commitment to neutrality means:

 - Showing neither support nor opposition to proposals outside the Governance realm 
 - Facilitating the desires and intentions of community members proposing ideas 

Fundamentally, I see my neutrality mandate as a critical component of enabling participation in Governance. This cannot be done properly if there is a perception that I favor some proposals above others.

I have relevant experience as a Chief of Staff in Colorado’s House of Representatives, where I was able to excel in constituent services by remaining reliably neutral in written and verbal communication.

Remaining credibly neutral while still being open and supportive to contributors will foster a proactive and rewarding community. I believe my spirit of positivity will further the mandate of neutrality in a manner most beneficial to the DAO.

Community members can expect me to remain deliberate in drafting copy for polls and executive votes as well as moderating in the forums. I will remain vigilant in examining my thoughts and actions for instances of bias and will endeavor to minimize its impact on the community. One way I will do this is by setting up feedback mechanisms like the Governance and Risk Call Suggestion Box to hold myself accountable to the community.


Transparency is an element so crucial to effective Governance that nearly every representative government the world over makes some commitment to the principle. Simply put, sunlight remains the best disinfectant.

So far I have represented this principle by communicating my Governance decision-making process (and any concerns from it) to @LongForWisdom. Likewise, I have leaned on the mentorship of @juan, as well as the guidance and teachings of countless other community members when determining what information should be included on public posts and reports. I believe I have shown great self-awareness and emotional intelligence in these interactions.

In addition to continuing this process of self-reflection and evaluation, I will encourage groups to be more open. As a Governance Facilitator, I would consider my presence in any closed-door meetings as a proxy for the community as a whole.


If approved, I would consider it my duty to exemplify accessibility, neutrality, and transparency in every interaction within the DAO. In essence, I believe Governance will always belong to the community. If entrusted with the role of Governance Facilitator, I will give my fullest effort to continue earning the trust of the community every day and helping build a better DAO.


And to help you with the DD @PaperImperium here’s a picture of me back in the suit-wearing days :slight_smile:

Gov Signing


I remember the days when @prose11 appeared in the forum and we were arguing about Bprotocol and the inclusiveness of the protocol - incredible how fast he became an important part and contributor for the community.

Really happy you make this step comrade, we need you here! Full support.


Payton, working alongside you for the last year or so has been a pleasure. You are a great communicator with a discerning mind and a solid work ethic.

You have my vote.


Congrats P-Rose. Well done young man.


I fully support this !

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throwing my full support behind this wizard

true value is brought by the amount of interest, research, and knowledge @prose11 brings to the community, in my opinion





:clap::clap::clap: fully in support of Payton as an additional facilitator.


It’s been amazing to watch you enter this community and completely blow everyone away with your enthusiasm, dedication, work ethic, and passion. We’re so lucky to have you as a contributor and I fully support you on this next monumental step as a Governance Facilitator!


Prose’s strongest asset is not even on this subproposal. Prose will pester you for feedback, adapt faster than you could even imagine, and finally come back with a fresh perspective, teaching you about the topic. The worst part is that he’s always in a good mood, full of enthusiasm.

We are lucky to have you, Prose.

PS, can we get that outfit in the calls?


As Governance Facilitator, I feel that the single most important of my responsibilities is to find individuals that are suitable to fill the Governance Facilitator role.

While much of the time the job is relatively plain sailing, there are times when we need to make tough decisions that have the potential to alienate others in the DAO. This is not an easy thing to do, and it is only possible at all due to the trust that the community invests into the individuals in this role.

Trust is not an easy thing to earn and is perhaps even harder to keep. Governance Facilitators must show integrity, empathy, knowledge and drive in their work and dealings with the community and the DAO.

I firmly believe that Payton represents these values (perhaps more so than myself) and I am certain that he will earn and maintain your trust if he hasn’t already.

Payton, you’ve been a huge help since you joined GovAlpha, and you’re only becoming more effective as time passes. I have no doubt that you will continue to learn and grow into the role. I am already comfortable handing off many of the facilitator’s responsibilities to you without oversight, and the rest are just a matter of time and knowledge shared.

I am very much looking forward to continuing to work with you.


Over the past few months I’ve been slowly getting up to speed with the community side of the DAO. Mostly passive - trying to stay up to date with the latest discussions and joining calls as often as possible. Prose was a new face here for me but he stood out early on - he profiled himself as an engaged, passionate, empathetic, and constructive community member & contributor. It takes a special person to take on this responsibility and I see such the qualities in Payton. IMO he is a suitable candidate and I fully support him on pursuing this role. (Hats off to Rich and Long for their excellent contributions - I know that it is heavy to carry this weight alone, you’re both appreciated)


Hi, Payton.

I enjoyed your presentation today. I was in a noisy, distracting place and wasn’t able to ask a question.

I’d like to get your thoughts on scaling governance. For example, today we have a handful of Core Units. That is likely to change over the next few months and probably grow to a lot more over the course of the next few years. As that happens, what role does GovAlpha play? How do you see scaling happening? What about autonomy of the Core Units and the authority/decision making process?

It was great to hear the question today about, does is make sense to have multiple Core Units for GovAlpha? My question expands upon this.


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Hey @monkey.irish thanks for stopping by the call and for leaving this great question! I hope my response is somewhat satisfying, but definitely want to open the floor up to different perspectives on this.

In general, efforts with scaling from the GovAlpha side should revolve around making sure the governance end of MakerDAO stays as accessible as possible for the community. This should be the case in our beginning days of only a handful of core units, as well as in the future when they are numerous.

So with that in mind GovAlpha has to worry about things like keeping call spaces efficient and making sure the community has access to the work core units are doing. Logically, this means GovAlpha will have to scale in membership somewhat linearly compared to the expansion of core units. Down the line it might make sense for us to spin off separate governance core units to handle specific aspects related to that scaling, but for now I see this taking place within our core unit.

In the GovAlpha Mandate we talk about our goal to have at least 3 facilitators with equal authority in our core unit. I believe that by scaling up to this internally we will be well posed to carry on our duties for the near future, as well as the continued onboarding of contributors and additional MIP editors to handle the suspected increase in MIPs.

Also swimming back to the mandate (and a little bit of my application, yay!) is the concept of neutrality. Core unit autonomy will be respected, it is our job to make sure core units follow governance processes already in place and that might be voted on in the future. This in practice means holding core units accountable for what has been passed and requiring Governance votes on changes that have not been delegated to the core units in prior votes.

Mandated actors meetings take place now to help this coordination, and GovAlpha’s role in those is essentially checking in with facilitator plans so when facilitators have recommended changes, the community can vote on them without undue delay.

I believe that addresses the points well, but would love some follow-ups if I haven’t been clear. As I mentioned on the call, while facilitators within the GovAlpha Core Unit will have equal powers, I do think @LongForWisdom 's opinion here is a bit more informed than mine when it comes to scaling as he has grown our group from the days of domain teams. We are working together to add members to the team already and I suspect we will learn quite a bit more about scaling along the way.

Moving to formal submission for the June Governance Cycle :slight_smile: @MIP-Editors


You did it :slight_smile: congrats @prose11