MIP41c4-SP15: Facilitator Onboarding, CPM-001

MIP41c4-SP15: Facilitator Onboarding, CPM-001


MIP40c2-SP#: 15
Author: Kathleen Chu
Status: Request For Comment
Date Applied: 2021-06-08
Date Ratified: <yyyy-mm-dd>



  • Individuals’ lives can be improved immensely when they have access to open finance and an unbiased, stable currency. That is what MakerDAO and Dai offer, which is also why I am applying to become a Facilitator.
  • As someone passionate about equality, I want to utilize my expertise in marketing & PR and decades of experience as a former Bloomberg journalist to promote and share MakerDAO and Dai’s benefits.

Core Unit ID

Facilitator name and information

  • Kathleen and Kathleen_Chu on Maker Forum
  • @kathleen on Rocket Chat
  • 0x21401CCa9b3E237E6c5De9cD227CEC690d566A60

Facilitator Commitment

  • My commitment to MakerDAO is to fulfill the mandate, which includes protecting and growing the brand of MakerDAO by ensuring cohesive and collaborative marketing and PR initiatives and messaging.
  • Engage in discussions regarding Maker governance, and collaborate with other facilitators and units to contribute to the success of MakerDAO
  • Provide expertise in marketing and PR to support other units
  • We plan to use Objective Key Results (OKR) to set a clear direction for the unit and utilize KRs to gauge our performance. I plan to share monthly updates to ensure the transparency of our progress.

Facilitator credentials

  • Currently working as Senior Community Lead at the Maker Foundation
  • With the Foundation since 2019
  • Former Bloomberg journalist and Deputy Bureau Chief
  • Founding member of an advocacy group called Japan DeFi Alliance
  • Co-founded the biggest DeFi meetup group in Japan named Yasashii DeFi (easy DeFi)


  • Secured Bloomberg TV interview with Rune in 2019
  • Successful marketing campaigns boosted the traffic to Maker’s homepage and blog in H2 2020 by more than 80 percent.
  • Built relationships with organizations such as BGIN, a blockchain group with members including regulators such as JFSA and the Central Bank of India, and the Finance Ministry of Ireland.
  • Finalist of SOPA Award for Editorial Excellence

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best of success Kathleen


Good luck and I hope you succeed.