MIP41c4-SP16: Facilitator Onboarding For The AmaZix Marketing Core Unit, AMZX-001

MIP41c4-SP16: Facilitator Onboarding For The AmaZix Marketing Core Unit, AMZX-001


MIP41c4-SP#: 16
Author(s): @mitchell_amazix
Tags: ore-unit, cu-amzx-001, facilitator
Status: FS
Date Applied: 2021-06-09
Date Ratified: 



  • I am applying to become a facilitator in order to act as the main point of contact for the AmaZix Marketing Proposal Core Unit (AMZX-001).

Core Unit ID

  • AMZX-001

Facilitator name and information

Full Name:

Mitchell Mahaffey

Forum Name


Facilitator Commitment

As a facilitator for the Core Unit AMZX-001, I intend to be the main point of contact between my firm, AmaZix, and the MakerDAO community. I will interact with the MakerDAO community to ensure all questions are answered related to the AmaZix Marketing Proposal, along with facilitating any changes to the proposal, and onboarding.

Upon approval and implementation of the AmaZix Marketing Proposal, I will remain as the main point of contact going forward, ensuring prompt account management, resolution of issues and changes to the scope of work.

Ha I should’ve asked this weeks ago. @Mitchell_AmaZix your team membership is covered here in the facilitator proposal but doesn’t contain too much information about your experience, credentials, and professional background. You might’ve shared this information on one of the public calls or elsewhere on the forum on but I haven’t been able to find it.

I saw that there were more detailed descriptions of team members in the mandate but your name wasn’t on that list


Hi David,

Thanks for bringing this up, happy to share my short bio below. I’d be happy to answer any further questions. Also, my Linkedin profile can be found here.

Mitchell Mahaffey is a blockchain professional with over 4 years of experience working in various roles in the industry, including IT/network management, operations, business development, and marketing. After studying mechanical engineering, Mitchell spent several years as an infantry soldier in the Australian Army before moving into the distributed ledger technology space. Mitchell contributed greatly to WORBLI, the world’s first enterprise-grade blockchain with integrated KYC and compliance tools, and now serves as the sales and account manager at AmaZix.

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It seems like WORBLI shut down and the coin is dead? What happened?

Ok, so I dug it myself a bit deeper. Apparently, there’s a token swap UX Network – Medium which the new community is managed by Amazix team. From what I understand, the new token is not yet on Coingecko despite it being around 1 year since the swap.

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