MIP41c4-SP2: Risk Core Unit Facilitator Onboarding

MIP41c4-SP2: Risk Core Unit Facilitator Onboarding


Author(s): Primož Kordež
Status: Formal Submission
Date Applied: 2021-02-03
Date Ratified: yyyy-mm-dd


Being a Risk Domain Facilitator since October 2020 and previously working together with Cyrus and the team for one and half years, I believe I have a very good overview of the challenges in front of the Risk Core Unit.

Work Credentials

  • MakerDAO Risk Domain Facilitator since October 2020
  • MakerDAO Risk related work since March 2019
  • Development of General Model for risk premium and debt ceiling
  • SCD dashboards
  • Past relevant analyses:
    • Collateral risk assessments
    • Various analyses on Vault metrics and behaviour
    • SCD to MCD migration
    • Auctions & Liquidations
    • DAI liquidity analysis
    • Maker Capital evaluations for solvency
    • Other MakerDAO / DeFi related Research
  • Certified FRM by GARP
  • Distressed Debt Senior Analyst at Elements Capital
  • Risk & Asset Manager at Alpen Invest

Core Unit Name

Risk Core Unit

Facilitator name and information

Facilitator Commitment

My main focus going forward would be:

  • Please see Risk Core Unit Mandate
  • Maximize Protocol self-sustainability and robustness
  • Scale Risk Teams:
    • Build a independent structure of Risk analysts responsible directly to MakerDAO and compensated by the Protocol
    • Onboard additional regular contributors through mentoring and tasks
    • Make contributors specialize in Risk Domain fields i.e. monetary policy, liquidity, collateral risk assessments, auctions, risk premiums, etc.
  • Simplify Rate and Debt Ceiling setting process that enables collateral type scaling
  • Enhance monitoring tools for Portfolio risk (VaR and Risk Premiums) and DAI/Vault related metrics
  • Address and monitor systemic DeFi risks

@primoz hey man you definitely have the Maker Community vote on this–there’s no doubt about it. Would it be possible to expand on the Facilitator Commitment by adding more substance? Here’s a perfect example: MIP41c4: Core Unit Facilitator Onboarding (@LongForWisdom)

I’m sorry for the pain in the arse request–but the Risk Core Unite Facilitator in 2077 will be able to look back and get inspired by your application :slight_smile:

@ElProgreso I am not going to hide the fact that I simply copied my October’s Risk Domain Facilitator Application, because I was told both applications are pretty similar in its purpose and was somewhat questionable to many if another similar application was needed at all.

However, I do agree with you and I’ll do my best to get future Risk Facilitators inspired, although my main goal is to get them inspired with our actual work, not bullet points here.

This proposal is also now formally submitted for the March governance cycle.

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