MIP41c4-SP2: Risk Core Unit Facilitator Onboarding

MIP41c4-SP2: Risk Core Unit Facilitator Onboarding


Author(s): Primož Kordež
Status: Formal Submission
Date Applied: 2021-02-03
Date Ratified: yyyy-mm-dd

Facilitator Commitment

  • My commitment to the facilitator role includes a relentless commitment to have an open communication channel with the Maker Community and All DAO Core Units. My dedication and commitment also include:
    • I will never lose sight of the main role of the facilitator which is to assist the Risk Core Unit deliver thorough risk analysis, as well as an open window of communication of such analysis to the community.
    • I will make myself available to the community as much as possible. My presence and commitment will be a motivating and guiding factor for the community.
    • The ability to work with different groups of individuals who may at times have different beliefs, ideas, and expectations.
    • I will represent the Risk Core Unit in weekly community calls.
    • Remove the Admin workload for the Risk Core Unit to enable our Team to focus and deliver.
    • Provide the risk management framework, processes, and responsibilities in order to keep the Team consistent, continuous, and truthful.
    • Documentation detailing analysis, execution of risk management practices, planned work and upcoming targets.
    • Maintain and organize a roadmap of the Risk Core Unit intended path of execution.
    • Encourage community participation as much as possible.
    • The best weapon of a facilitator is to ask a lot of questions.
    • I will remain humble and position myself to always answers questions to the best of my ability.
    • As facilitator I will create bridges between the Community and the Risk Core Unit.


  • I have been a motivated and dedicated Risk Domain Lead since October 2020 and worked on various risk related tasks at Maker since early 2019. Since then, I have been passionate providing Risk Parameters analysis for the greater good of the Maker Community. My aim is to provide recommendations and discuss how to approach risk and uncertainty to support decision-making. With the support of my fellow Risk Core Unit teammates, my approach will bring a humble attitude to risk and the possession of the truth.
  • I believe a good facilitator builds trust with those he/she is working with. For creative ideas to emerge, trust and openness should exist. I also believe that facilitators should develop a strategy and a plan that addresses the MakerDAO needs, and works towards attaining the overall goal. As the facilitator for the Risk Core Unit, I will deliver this commitment and devotion to the Maker Community.

Work Credentials

  • MakerDAO Risk Domain Facilitator since October 2020
  • MakerDAO Risk related work since March 2019
  • Development of General Model for risk premium and debt ceiling
  • SCD dashboards
  • Past relevant analyses:
    • Collateral risk assessments
    • Various analyses on Vault metrics and behaviour
    • SCD to MCD migration
    • Auctions & Liquidations
    • DAI liquidity analysis
    • Maker Capital evaluations for solvency
    • Other MakerDAO / DeFi related Research
  • Certified FRM by GARP
  • Distressed Debt Senior Analyst at Elements Capital
  • Risk & Asset Manager at Alpen Invest

Core Unit Name

Risk Core Unit

Facilitator name and information


@primoz hey man you definitely have the Maker Community vote on this–there’s no doubt about it. Would it be possible to expand on the Facilitator Commitment by adding more substance? Here’s a perfect example: MIP41c4: Core Unit Facilitator Onboarding (@LongForWisdom)

I’m sorry for the pain in the arse request–but the Risk Core Unite Facilitator in 2077 will be able to look back and get inspired by your application :slight_smile:

@ElProgreso I am not going to hide the fact that I simply copied my October’s Risk Domain Facilitator Application, because I was told both applications are pretty similar in its purpose and was somewhat questionable to many if another similar application was needed at all.

However, I do agree with you and I’ll do my best to get future Risk Facilitators inspired, although my main goal is to get them inspired with our actual work, not bullet points here.

This proposal is also now formally submitted for the March governance cycle.

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Posted few additions in the Facilitator commitments and motivation section. Thanks @ElProgreso for help and inspiration!


@MIP-Editors merged the changes into the MIPs repo. Since there is no change to the logic or fundamental decision of this already-passed proposal, additions to the commitment and motivation section are acceptable without needing to go through a formal amendment.

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One love Primoz! Your talent, wisdom, and guidance speaks volume.

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