MIP41c4-SP22: Facilitator Onboarding (MakerLabs)

MIP41c4-SP22: Facilitator Onboarding (MakerLabs)

MIP41c4-SP#: 22
Author(s): Tim Schuppener (@ultraschuppi)
Tags: core-unit, cu-skunk-001, facilitator
Status: Rejected
Date Applied: 2021-09-01
Date Ratified:

Sentence Summary

MIP41c4-SP22 onboards Tim Schuppener as Facilitator for the MakerLabs Core Unit.




I joined the crypto ecosystem pretty late (winter 2017) but learned about Maker quite early as there were very few projects around. The idea of taking a loan on a collateral in a permissionless way, without a man in the middle and by that providing a pegged asset into the volatile crypto market was very appealing to me so I started following and using the product.

I believe we did a great job so far on focusing on the core without getting distracted too much. However, I think we should start running more experiments - something MakerLabs can support.


Coming from a software engineering perspective, the idea of open-source has been a constant theme for me. MakerDAO feels to me like an open-source project, but with skin in the game. I guess nobody already knows how DAOs will work in the long run and I really like the idea of not knowing that but finding out on my own and being part of that journey.

Starter, not Finisher

During my professional career I always found it most enjoyable to jump into a new topic, gather people around it, craft a plan on how to move forward and execute on it. My interest on a topic tends to drift away from it once the hard problems are solved and it moves into maintenance/harvesting mode. In the past, I just looked for the next topic to jump on and repeat.

Working for MakerLabs would allow me to stick to the stuff I like most while not having the need to move to the next company as soon as the next topic needs to be found.

Core Unit ID


Facilitator name and information

Name: Tim Schuppener
Forum: @ultraschuppi
R/C: @schuppi
ETH Address: TBD

Facilitator Commitment

I will be the main link between the Core Unit and the Maker Community, Governance and other Core Unit Facilitators. I will make sure all aspects of the Core Unit including

  • priorities
  • plans
  • progress
  • costs

will be reported and in line with the needs of the DAO.

Facilitator Credentials

Experience at Maker

A pretty classic “from user to contributor” story you can see at open source products:

  • Minted my first SAI and bought my first MKR in Spring 2018
  • started liquidating underwater CDPs a couple of months later
  • lurked in rocketchat for a year, at some point joined the forum
  • started bombarding the forum with Signal Requests, built up a pretty solid understanding about the protocol
  • pitched eurDai
  • happy member of the MOMC

Experience outside of Maker

  • Bachelor in Computer Science (2002-2005)
  • Senior Engineer and Multiple Management Positions at 1&1 (2002-2017)
  • Bootstrapped the cloud product line and the corresponding team at SICK (2017-2019)
  • Bootstrapped the cloud product and the corresponding team at Camunda (2019-today)

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