MIP41c4-SP25: Immunefi Security Core Unit Facilitator Onboarding - IS-001

MIP41c4-SP25: Immunefi Security Core Unit Facilitator Onboarding - IS-001


MIP41c4-SP#: 25
Author(s): @travinimmunefi
Contributors: @psychonaut
Tags: core-unit, cu-is-001, facilitator
Status: Accepted
Date Applied: 2021-10-06
Date Ratified: 2021-11-22

Sentence Summary

MIP41c4-SP25 adds @travinimmunefi as the Facilitator for Core Unit IS-001: Immunefi Security.



I present myself as the candidate facilitator for the Immunefi Security Core Unit because I want to ensure that this first foray of extensive collaboration between decentralized organizations, namely the Maker ecosystem and Immunefi, is executed at the highest level of competence.

I believe I am a suitable candidate for this role due to my current involvement in Immunefi, the largest bug bounty platform in crypto, as one of its Co-Founders. In the past, I have had extensive experience in cryptocurrency communities and projects in various capacities since 2016, when I began working in crypto full time. I have also had experience with open source organizations, such as the Open Source Initiative and the Linux Foundation, primarily with my contributions to Hyperledger.

Core Unit ID


Facilitator Name and Information

  • Forum: @travinimmunefi
  • Twitter: @TravinKeith
  • Discord: Travin Keith | Immunefi#3586
  • Telegram: @TravinKeithImmunefi
  • Ethereum Address: 0xAcAf835934eE40E0d5ee3F941E283499F8Ad97eD
Prior Experience
  • 5+ years full time in Cryptocurrency
    • Board Member of the Nxt Foundation
      • Helped launch Ardor
      • Led and managed almost everything other than core development for almost a year
    • Advisor to Obyte, SmartCash, and Sora
    • Co-Founder of STOKR
  • Independent consultant for a multitude of projects, both decentralized and centralized
    * Solutions architecture
    * Marketing strategy
    * Communications
    * Use case development
    • /r/BitcoinMarkets Slack Admin
    • Co-Founder of a crypto wallet project (never launched)
  • Co-Founded crypto’s largest bug bounty platform - Immunefi
  • Open source organizational experience
  • 10 years of startup and small business experience
  • Regular public speaker covering topics such as blockchain, cryptocurrency, freedom, and open source

Facilitator Commitment

  • As Facilitator, I’m committing to organize and execute the fulfillment of the mandate and collaborate with other Core Units to contribute to the security of the MakerDAO ecosystem.
  • The team structure is hierarchical with multiple 3rd parties contributing to the work performed by the core unit, including those provided by Immunefi itself. The Deputy Facilitator sits below the Facilitator but above these 3rd parties. The Facilitator, in turn, sits above the Deputy Facilitator.
  • Roles and responsibilities of other team members and 3rd party contributors will be documented and shared as part of our Core Unit documentation and the Facilitator will oversee all modifications and adjustments for clear transparency. Whenever 3rd party contributors do work, work done is transparently communicated wherever possible and reasonable.
  • Operational continuity will be assured through proper handover procedures created and implemented.

As Facilitator, I will have the following goals that will allow for better tracking by governance as to whether I am doing my job correctly.

  • Roadmap targets are hit on the dates that they are due
  • Bug bounty program MIP successfully passes and is implemented
  • Successful incidence response (if one is needed)
  • Content that is created is considered positively by the community via comments and interactions

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  • Fixed formatting with Facilitator Commitment
  • Added Goals and other information to Facilitator Commitment
  • Added Ethereum address

@blimpa Formally submitting MIP41c4-SP25 for Nov gov cycle

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You can find some information about my background at my linkedin page. Although less relevant, I also have an academic CV.

Here’s some Q&A about my role in this Core Unit.

Q. How are you related to Immunefi?

A. I’m not. I was recruited by SES and will receive no compensation from Immunefi. My incentives are 100% aligned with Maker.

Q. So you are on the SES payroll right now?

A. Yes, in theory. I haven’t actually received any payment yet, but I have been assured that I can be paid once my legal stuff is set up.

Q. Your mission is to get a security-team onboarded as a CU?

A. I’ve adopted that mission. It was SES’s mission to onboard a security-team. Juan recruited me because he thought that I could be a good fit.

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