MIP41c4-SP28: Facilitator Onboarding, Strategic Finance (SF-001)

MIP41c4-SP28: Facilitator Onboarding, Financial Strategy


Author(s): Mark Phillips (@Aes)
Tags: core-unit, cu-sf-001, facilitator
Status: Formal Submission 
Date Applied: 2021-12-01
Date Ratified: YYYY-MM-DD

Sentence Summary

MIP41c4-SP28 onboards Mark Phillips (@Aes) as Facilitator for the Strategic Finance Core Unit.

Paragraph Summary

MIP41c4-SP28 adds Mark Phillips (@Aes) as Facilitator for the Strategic Finance Core Unit. He will be responsible for facilitating the development and distribution of financial reporting and analysis to assist the DAO in evaluating the financial health of the protocol, enabling strategic decision making and effective allocation of capital.


Core Unit ID


Core Unit Name

Strategic Finance


I entered the crypto scene in 2013 after hearing of Bitcoin’s meteoric rise in the business media. I quickly fell down the rabbit hole after reading the Bitcoin whitepaper and later learning about Ethereum and smart contracts in 2017. What once was considered a speculative novelty for Internet nerds has since grown into a multi-trillion-dollar asset class.

Despite the growth and native transparency of the blockchain, it is still extremely difficult for the average user to understand what’s happening on-chain—leading to the infamous “shadowy super coder” quote from US Senator Elizabeth Warren. As the number of crypto assets exploded over time, so too have new and innovative tokenomics. This has made it even more difficult for the average stakeholder to understand what drives value and the price of a particular token. After listening to a16z podcasts and hearing of their investment in MKR, I started to research and learn about the project, eventually finding my way to the MakerDAO forums.

People who have worked with me in the past know me as a builder—there is nothing that motivates me more than building and creating new financial models and processes. A blank canvas provides tremendous opportunity and I strongly believe MakerDAO can make an immensely positive impact on the world by providing access to liquidity, capital, and funding sustainable & renewable collaterals.

Facilitator Commitment

My commitment as the SF team facilitator is to:

  • Serve as a point of contact between the Strategic Finance Core Unit, the Governance community and other facilitators to ensure alignment on team deliverables and objectives
  • Represent the Core Unit to the community by:
    • Engaging with the community and synthesizing feedback for the team to help iterate on our ideas
    • Communicating team updates, roadmap, and releases to the community
    • Demonstrating to stakeholders how our contributions bring value to the protocol
    • Acting under principles of transparency
    • Attending relevant meetings and delivering status updates
  • Work with SF Team Lead to:
    • Define Core Unit management framework and team KPIs
    • Set up the legal structure of the Core Unit
    • Draft and deliver required MIPs

Facilitator Name and Information

  • Name: Mark Phillips
  • Forum: @Aes
  • Discord: @Aes#7287

Facilitator Credentials

Involvement in MakerDAO

Experience Prior to MakerDAO

  • Most recently worked for three years at a mega cap public company (>$200B market capitalization) as a Sr Finance Manager (internal promotion from Finance Manager)
  • Three and half years experience at Deloitte Consulting LLP, progressing from Consultant to Sr Consultant and leading the financial management of some of the largest projects including The Blackstone Group, Apollo Global Management, TPG, and other large alternative asset managers
  • Over two years at a Healthcare Consulting startup
  • Education: BS with Dual Concentration in Finance and Management, Northeastern University
  • Completed all three levels of the CFA program