MIP41c4-SP31: TechOps Core Unit Facilitator Onboarding - Simon Kelada-Polupanov

MIP41c4-SP31: TechOps Core Unit Facilitator Onboarding - Simon Kelada-Polupanov


MIP41c4-SP: #31
Author(s): @simonkp
Contributors: N/A
Tags: core-unit, cu-tech-001, facilitator
Status: Formal Submission
Date Applied: 2021-12-08
Date Ratified: <yyyy-mm-dd>
Forum URL: https://forum.makerdao.com/t/mip41c4-spxx-techops-core-unit-facilitator-onboarding-simon

Sentence Summary

This subproposal onboards Simon Kelada-Polupanov as a Facilitator for the TechOps Core Unit.



I’m excited to continue working with the Maker project and to officially be onboarded with the DAO. I’m keen to transfer and apply my system operations skills, picked up during the past decade in the the DevOps world, to the DAO operations environment. I believe that, as the TechOps Core Unit, our team can join the ranks of the other great operational CUs and help continue this groundbreaking service which is MakerDAO and further our understanding and implementation of systems supporting the Web3 movement.

Core Unit ID

  • TECH-001

Facilitator Name and Information

  • Name: Simon Kelada-Polupanov (Simon KP)
  • Forum: @simonkp
  • Discord: @eskp aka @simonkp
  • Github: @eskp

Facilitator Commitment

My role is to support the Mandate and business continuity for the TechOps Core Unit. Myself and Dumitru will be the two facilitators for this Core Unit. We’ll be the point of contact between TECH-001 and other Core Units to further contribute to MakerDAO ecosystem security and collaboration. Dumitru is based in EU and I am in APAC for a 24-hour time zone coverage and operations with no single point of failure.

A list of responsibilities may include:

  • Be the Facilitator and DevOps Engineer for TechOps Core Unit
  • Serve as main point of contact for TECH-001
  • Communicate, collaborate and stay up to date with the community
  • Maintain visibility and transparency with the community
  • Look after my team mates by making myself available to listen and represent their wishes to the DAO
  • Attract the best talent to grow TECH-001

Facilitator Credentials

Past experience

  • LinkedIn
  • Senior DevOps Engineer at Maker Foundation
  • Over 10 years of practical experience in designing and maintaining large scale production systems
  • Working and tackling technical software implementation challenges with various teams across the world
  • Passionate about knowledge sharing - presented technical solutions at conferences, meetups and companies