MIP41c4-SP32: Facilitator Onboarding to DUX-001 - 0xdeniz

MIP41c4-SP32: Facilitator Onboarding for DUX-001 - 0xdeniz


MIP41c4-SP: 32
Author(s): @0xdeniz
Tags: core unit, cu-dux-001, facilitator, personnel-xboarding
Status: RFC
Date Applied: 2022-01-11
Date Ratified:

Sentence Summary

This subproposal is to onboard @0xdeniz as Facilitator to the Development and UX Core Unit (DUX-001).



As an early enthusiast and user of the Maker system I feel incredibly grateful for the opportunity to be contributing to the DAO as part of an official Core Unit. I joined the @dux-core-unit team as Product Manager in August last year—just before we spun out of SES’ incubator as our own Core Unit. Here’s a recent forum reply in which I share some insight into the motivations that keep me going every day.

In these past months I have helped the DUX team build a sprint cadence, roadmap & prioritization framework and other supporting processes to fully empower the rest of my team (skilled, senior and passionate engineers and designers) to do what they do best and remove friction where possible. Besides ‘facilitative’ work, my ambition is to continue engaging with stakeholders outside of our team (eg. other CUs, delegates, individuals in other DAOs, integration partners, etc.) in an effort to shape and execute on initiatives that seek to improve the governance UX of Maker.

I’m honoured to take on the more formal aspects of the Facilitator role since I believe it fits the work I already do and enjoy doing. I’m also glad to realize that @bainpm will be able to once again fully focus on what he enjoys most and does best—software engineering and related research.

Core Unit ID


Core Unit Name

Development & UX

Facilitator Name and Information

  • Name: Deniz Yilmaz
  • Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands (CET)
  • Forum: @0xdeniz
  • Discord: 0xdeniz#8083
  • Ethereum Address: 0xdeniz.eth

Facilitator Credentials

Selected relevant working experience:

  • Feb 2018 - Aug 2020: Concept Design team lead @ Kryha.io (a blockchain design & development studio)
  • Aug 2020 - Feb 2021: Product & Community Manager @ Opium Finance (a DeFi derivatives protocol)
  • Feb 2021 - Jun 2021: Technical Project Lead @ Fabrique (a digital design & development agency)
  • Aug 2021 - Jan 2022: Product Manager @ MakerDAO DUX team

Facilitator Commitment

My role is to enable and facilitate my team towards fulfilling the mandate of the DUX CU.

Common tasks as facilitator

  • Represent CU within Maker ecosystem and engage with stakeholders
  • Attend mandated actor calls
  • Contribute to cross-CU initiatives
  • Own team dynamic (eg. team bonding, happiness, organizing team events)
  • Resolve conflicts if necessary
  • Coach team productivity
  • (co-)Write MIPs

Common tasks as product manager

  • Maintain the backlog (eg. related research, creation of epics & stories, grooming, planning)
  • Own the product roadmap (eg. prioritization, communication, delivery)
  • Own external communication on all channels (eg. Discord, Twitter, Canny, etc.)
  • Design and coach the scrum process (eg. standups, planning, retrospectives)
  • Resolve blockers for engineers and designers