MIP41c4-SP4: Facilitator Onboarding, GRO-001

MIP41c4-SP4: Facilitator Onboarding, GRO-001


Author(s): Nadia Alvarez
Status: Formal Submission
Date Applied: 2021-02-24
Date Ratified:



I want the Maker Protocol to be perceived as a solution that helps companies to grow, giving them the competitive advantage to transform what they already have into something that can serve the underserved and is committed to the sustainable finance principle, with the final objective of driving Dai adoption.

That has been my motto during this last three years working for the Maker Foundation as BD for LatAm, where I passed from a scenery where no one knew what even Ethereum was to this: “Dollar Today: the acronym (DAI) that is a sensation among those who want to dollarize in the middle of currency controls.”

That was news in the most influential newspaper in Argentina. And it’s the result of the work we did with our partners, supporting them to create a product that made sense for Argentinians, and at the same time, helping them to grow and Dai growing with them.

I also realized that the products that worked in a country do not necessarily work in another country of the same region. That’s why to achieve our ultimate goal, Dai adoption; it’s vital to support our partners in creating a product or a service to solve a local problem.

Core Unit Name

Facilitator name and information

  • Name: Nadia
  • Forum handle: @Nadia
  • RocketChat handle: @Nadia

Facilitator Commitment

  • Expand our channels of distribution to generate services that improve (1) the ability of borrowers to generate Dai, (2) the ability of users to buy and sell Dai, and (3) the ability of users to perform a useful activity with Dai.
  • Work on a business plan with each BD person from the Growth core unit, set clear objectives, and share the results with the Maker community.
  • Work on a success plan with each BD person to track integration outcomes and share the Maker community results.
  • Every month (or more often), I will share what we are doing on the different segments, verticals, and geographies with the community. At the end of each quarter, I will prepare a summary of the quarter to:
  • Describe each segment
  • Review all the close deals and the integrations under the maintenance and growth phase
  • Review of the integration acquisition cost and the churn rate
  • Give an overview of the plan for next quarter


I have 10+ experience in Business Development/Sales roles for global organizations and the biggest tech companies.

Deep subject matter expertise in the fintech and cryptocurrency ecosystem in emerging markets

I created from scratch (literally) everything we needed to achieve Dai adoption in LatAm:

  • Alliances and agreements with Market Makers of Dai to provide liquidity in various local currencies in LatAm (with focus on the most prominent markets DAI/ARS, DAI/MXN, DAI/BRL, DAI/USD)
  • Alliances and agreements with the major On/off ramps in all LatAm markets, covering various currencies: ARS, BRL, CLP, COP, PEN, UYU, VES, USD.
  • Partnerships and agreements to set a remittances market using Dai between Argentina-Venezuela, Colombia-Venezuela, USA-Mexico.
  • Establish Dai as a savings currency in Argentina as a synthetic dollarized asset in Mexico and Venezuela, as the entry point for DeFi in Brazil.
  • A model for NGOs where “censorship-resistant” is an important feature.
  • I helped different DeFi projects integrate with our Latam partners to increase their services around Dai within the region, driving Dai’s usage in LatAm and other DeFi protocols.

I’m also continually educating different audiences about the Maker Protocol:

  • As part of the MetaGammaDelta DAO, helping the DAO to set a program with a bounty for female-lead projects which use in any way the Maker Protocol
  • As a speaker in various events in Spanish, Portuguese, and English
  • As a spoke person for the media (crypto media and mainstream media)