MIP41c4-SP6: MakerDAO Shop Facilitator Onboarding, MDS-001

MIP41c4-SP6: MakerDAO Shop Facilitator Onboarding, MDS-001


Author(s): Coulter Mulligan & Mike Porcaro
Status: Request For Comment (RFC)
Date Applied: 2021-03-03
Date Ratified: yyyy-mm-dd


The MakerDAO Shop Core Unit will help build brand awareness and goodwill for MakerDAO and Dai by offering branded items (Swag, NFTs, etc) via the official MakerDAO store. Available globally, Customers from around the world will be able to buy their items in their preferred currency, including Dai.

Maker has a reputation for creating some of the most in-demand swag in DeFi. Event booths were regularly swarmed by enthusiasts looking for Maker and Dai-branded items.

Creating the “MakerDAO Shop” on MakerDAO.com offers a direct way for people to purchase merchandise directly from the project while also getting the Maker and Dai logos into broader circulation. It’s also a valuable resource for partners, event organizers and Core Unit teams looking for branded promotional items to use in their various programs.

Infrastructure for the store is already in place, so the shop could be up and running in a matter of days should the MIP be approved.

Work Credentials

  • CM: Head of Marketing for Maker Foundation since March 2018

  • MP: Head of Communications for Maker Foundation since April 2018

  • Shared 40+ years experience in MarComms roles

  • Created, managed, and delivered Marketing and Communications strategy, playbooks, campaigns, activations etc… for Maker Foundation

  • Proven track record of delivering results on or under budget

  • History of working with Maker and broader DeFi community to create in-demand branded merchandise

  • Established a reputation for having the most desirable merch at the biggest crypto events (Devcon etc…)

  • Sourced, designed, created, budgeted all official Maker swag in that time

Core Unit Name

MakerDAO Shop Core Unit

Facilitator name and information

Facilitator Commitment

Our commitment to this Core Unit is to:

  • Build brand awareness and goodwill for MakerDAO and Dai by offering branded items (Swag, NFTs, etc) via the official MakerDAO store
  • Oversee the creation, production, pricing, sales and distribution of Maker and Dai branded merchandise
  • Operate the official “MakerDAO Shop” linked on MakerDAO.com
  • Work with Community and Core Unit leaders to get feedback and ideas for new merch.
  • Coordinate efforts with Core Unit leaders, partners and community members to create special edition merchandise.
  • Conduct marketing campaigns promoting the store and merchandise.
  • Provide sales figures and reports to the DAO on a mutually agreed upon cadence.

We formally submitting this MIP set to April’s Governance Cycle