MIP41c5-SP1: Facilitator Offboarding - Amy Jung

MIP41c5-SP1: Facilitator Offboarding - Amy Jung


MIP41c5-SP#: 1
Author(s): @amyjung
Status: Accepted
Date Applied: 2021-05-27
Date Ratified: N/A

Sentence Summary

This subproposal offboards Amy Jung from Operational Support.



I, Amy Jung, the Facilitator of Operational Support, am offboarding effective May 31, 2021 on entirely good terms.

Operational Support was mandated as a domain using the former structure of MIP23. Operational Support will no longer exist as a domain nor a team in the MIP39: Core Unit Framework. Most of the mandate of this team has merged with Sustainable Ecosystem Scaling Core Unit: SES-001.

This subproposal is largely a formality to confirm the decision and officially remove the authority and permissions I continue to hold as an Operational Support Facilitator.

Core Unit ID

  • Operational Support was mandated as a domain using the former MIP23 structure and as mentioned, it is not being proposed as Core Unit. There is no Core Unit ID.

Wait, What!?! Where are you going?

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After some discussion with @LongForWisdom, we decided to mark this proposal “Accepted” due to the context of the proposal.

Voluntary departures should not require a vote or RFC period.

MIP41 amendment will be coming soon to reduce the parameters of component 5 to 0 days of RFC and Freeze period.


Thanks for pushing the DAO so far.


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