MIP41c5-SP4: Facilitator Offboarding from DUX-001 - Philip Bain

MIP41c5-SP4: Facilitator Offboarding from DUX-001 - Philip Bain


Author(s): @bainpm
Tags: core unit, cu-dux-001, facilitator, personnel-xboarding
Status: RFC
Date Applied: 2022-01-11
Date Ratified:

Sentence Summary

This subproposal is to offboard the current Facilitator of the Development and UX Core Unit (DUX-001).

Paragraph Summary

This MIP will offboard me, Philip Bain, as the Facilitator for the DUX Core Unit. Submitted simultaneously is MIP41c4-SP32 to onboard @0xdeniz as the new Facilitator for DUX. In tandem these MIPs complete a handover of Facilitator duties from me to him for our team.



Six months ago, when I took on this role, I was motivated to do whatever it took to help launch our Core Unit and make it successful. Since that time I’ve happily watched our PM, @0xdeniz, show his passion, enthusiasm, and commitment to Maker governance. I now feel it’s the right time to step aside and let him take on this role for the DUX team.

I know his skills and aptitudes are uniquely suited for the role of Facilitator, and the rest of the team agrees. I have fully enjoyed my time as Facilitator; it has been a great learning experience for me. I’m not leaving the team, I’ll be continuing my engineering duties as a senior developer for DUX. I’m excited to hand the Facilitator responsibilities to @0xdeniz, and I’m confident he will work hard to fulfill our mission of bringing the state of Maker governance forward!

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Quoting for emphasis :slight_smile:


Phew! :sweat_smile: glad you’re not leaving Phil. Good to see you staying onboard and setting an example of how to swap/pass on the reins to another teammate within a Core Unit. Good stuff. Thank you!


This is the type of offboarding that’s good to see, rising to the occasion from @0xdeniz and retaining staff. :raised_hands:


Heh, maybe I should have led with that, didn’t mean to alarm anybody :smiley: Very excited to keep working on new solutions for governance UX, and looking forward to watching @0xdeniz shine!