MIP44: Reward Join Adapter (`RewardJoin`)

MIP44: Reward Join Adapter (RewardJoin)


MIP#: 44
Title: Reward Join Adapter (`RewardJoin`)
Author(s): Alexis
Contributors: n/a
Type: Technical
Status: withdrawn
Date Proposed: 2021-01-24
Date Ratified: <yyyy-mm-dd>
Dependencies: n/a
Replaces: n/a
License: AGPL3+


Sentence summary

MIP44 proposes a generic vault solution for all tokens with reward.

Paragraph summary

MIP44 is a generic vault solution which can by applied to any tokens with reward.

At the difference of cropJoin, the interface is generic and work exactly as a normal join.
It is less specific but it works with any vault independently of the reward.
Therefore, It can be applied to any uniswap pair as we don’t know which one will be the next rewarded pool.
If we want to use the current cropJoin implementation as far as I am aware of, Maker will be forced to deploy a specific vault everytime the uniswap vote a new rewarded pool and stop it when the reward end.

Probably not an MIP but more an addon on the Uniswap MIPs

I am not too sure how to formalize it but I believe this is not a proper MIP but a complement to the uniswap vault creation.

###How does it work?

Instead of redistributing UNI to share holder (Which is the difficult part that cropJoin deal with) we trade in UNI with fees.
The contract allows the withdrawal of the bonus token, which is sent to a delegator.
Governance can turn the fees to 0% and sell UNI instead.

As said this solution is probably less specific than cropJoin but allow more flexibility.

The delegator can be built after as the UNI will be inside the contract.

Component summary

MIP44c2: Reward Join:

MIP44c2: Parameter: list of parameter for the contract

MIP44c2: Funtions: list of function accessible from the contract

MIP44c2: join(): list of function accessible from the contract

MIP44c2: exit(): list of function accessible from the contract

MIP44c2: harvest(): list of function accessible from the contract

MIP44c1: Proposed code: contains snippet of proposed implementation.

MIP44c2: Test cases: lists existing test cases, including integration tests

MIP44c3: Security considerations: comments on the security implications.

MIP44c6: Licensing: states the license under which the proposal and code are distributed.


Currently we use a normal join, for all uniswap tokens. for example UNI-V2-ETH-USDT

-Can use existing MCD collateral type adapter?
Partially, the standard GemJoin adapter 1 works if you ignore rewards. A custom gem join adapter is required to distribute UNI rewards.

Here is the issue if we don’t allow the join contract to withdraw UNI right now, all uni token will be lost for ever.

While it is probably less interesting for user than deploying a cropJoin contract, it allows a rapid and effort-less management for makerdao.

My understanding is that both contracts have a different value while the normal uniswap vault can stay up with this join, a new cropjoin for the same pair can be deployed.

The join is 100% compatible with the existing system and it is also as gas efficient for the holder as a normal join.

It can be deploying before the UNI reward is voted, doesn’t need any switch from the user.


MIP44a1: Reward Join

the Join and the exit are exactly the same as a normal join

MIP44a2: Parameter

one parameter:

  • bonus_delegator

MIP44a3: Funtions

3 functions:

  • join(address guy, uint256 wad)

  • exit(address guy, uint256 wad)

  • harvest()

MIP44a4: join()

it is exactly the normal join

MIP44a5: exit()

it is exactly the normal exit

MIP44a6: harvest()

  • harvest is behind an auth
  • harvest can be called from an authenticated contract
  • harvest will stop if no delegator contrat (0 address) is set up.
  • harvest will move the UNI/Bonus token to delegator contract which will sell/store/whatever we want to do with the token.

MIP44a7: Proposed code


MIP44a8: Test cases

rewardJoin test

MIP44c9: Security considerations

The join is a sensible part of maker as it hold the token, however the harvest is behind an auth and manipulate only UNI.
The risky part will be when we deploy the contract that call harvest and the delegator.

MIP44c10: Licensing


I don’t know who you are or where you came from out of the blue but I love how many MIPs you’re coming up with. Keep killing it.


Is there any news on this MIP? @alexis

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@Davidutro thanks for bring it up, to answer your questions after some comments on another proposal by some dev, I do not believe the MIP process is adapted to bring new tech functionality.

Code needs iterations, brainstorming, review and priorities.

This code is very simple and I am entirely convinced the SC team can do it without the need of this proposal.

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Can we mark this proposal withdrawn and archive it?

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Yes sure you can do it