[MIP47c1] Adding RWF Core Unit Multisig

Following my post here, I’m submitting a multsig wallet to be identified as ownership of MakerDAO. This wallet already received 40k DAI from the interim multisig. There is a legder spreadsheet here. Use of funds will be explained on the monthly Real-World Finance Core Unit report.

Per MIP47c1:

Governance must be able to revoke funding and permissions from approved multi-sigs at any time.

You can check on the spending limit section here. The DSPauseProxy contract is allowed up to 1B DAI.

Signatory requirements providing no less than ⅔ of listed signatories to sign off on an action.

It’s a 1 of 1 multisig so above 2/3.

All signers must be tagged on the forum and their willingness to be included in the Multi-Sig publicly confirmed.

@SebVentures , I confirm

A representative for the Multi-Sig must be designated as an official point of contact.


There must be a clear and public explanation of the purpose and scope of the Multi-Sig.

Holding the funds of the Real-World Finance Core Unit to pay for expenses.

A clearly defined process for onboarding and offboarding signatories.

All Real-World Finance Core Unit Facilitators are onboarded as soon as they are ratified and signatory requirements upgraded to be the next natural number equals or above 2/3 of participants. Same for the offboarding. When the last facilitator is offboarded, Governance should take back the remaining funds.

A wallet address to be whitelisted.


@charlesstlouis @Davidutro @blimpa if any of you can add it to MIP47c2, it would be awesome. Thanks.


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