MIP4c2-SP2: MIP8 Amendments

MIP4c2-SP2: MIP8 Amendments


MIP4c2-SP#: 2
MIP to be Amended: MIP8
Author(s): Charles St.Louis (@CPSTL), @LongForWisdom, Rune Christensen (@Rune23)
Status: Accepted
Date of Amendment Submission: 2020-05-27
Date of ratification: 2020-06-25



Today, the Domain Greenlight (MIP8) process occurs before the Community Greenlight Poll (MIP). This workflow increases the work required from Domain teams and reduces the time they can spend on doing domain work for onboarding collateral assets.

Therefore, this amendment MIP is proposing that the Domain Greenlight process (MIP8) should occur after the proposed collateral asset has passed the MIP9 Community Greenlight Poll allowing the Domain teams to use the Community Greenlight Poll results to make a more informed decision and proceed with their domain work.

In summary, the amendments in this proposal affect the overall Collateral Onboarding MIPs Set and the previously ratified collateral onboarding process. More specifically, it rearanges the collateral onboarding process to allow MIP9 to occur before MIP8.

Amended Components

  • Component Summary
    • Re-arranged the order of the components to improve clarity.
  • Motivation
    • Updated to reflect the amendment changes mentioned in the Motivation section of this proposal.
  • Specification/Proposal Details
    • Remove introductory paragraph to remove redundancies.
  • MIP8c1: Domain Greenlight Process
    • Re-written to reflect amendments and improve readability and clarity.
    • Updated the overview diagram to reflect the amended collateral onboarding process.
  • MIP8c2: Domain Greenlight Outcomes
    • Updated to reflect the amendments and to improve clarity surounding the possible outcomes of the the Domain Greenlight process.
  • MIP8c3: Domain Greenlight Requirements
    • Updated to reflect the amendments. This includes further explanation of the Domain Greenlgiht requirements as well as additions to the domain requirements to improve clarity and transparency as to what is required from the domain teams.

Amendment Pull Request (PR)

Relevant Information

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