MIP4c2-SP6: Calendar Exceptions

MIP4c2-SP6: Calendar Exceptions


MIP4c2-SP#: 6
MIP to be amended: MIP3
Author(s): @LongForWisdom
Status: RFC
Date of Amendment Submission: 2020-10-05
Date of ratification: <yyyy-mm-dd>



Although Maker is intended to be a global protocol, in its current state the majority of the active members of governance are located in the United States or Europe. Both these regions have winter holidays that would clash with the conclusion of a monthly governance cycle in December. It is hoped that this exception can be removed in the future when governance of the protocol is more globally distributed.

This change is an addition and makes no modification to the current contents of MIP3 beyond preventing a monthly governance cycle in December, due to this, I feel that it is valid for an amendment and not a replacement of MIP3.

This change has no impact on other MIPs that interact with MIP3, with the exception of preventing new MIPs or subproposals from moving into Formal Submission in December.

Amended Components

  • MIP3c4 has been added to MIP3. There are no other changes.
  • MIP3c4 states that there will be no monthly governance cycle in the month of December.

Amendment Pull Request (PR)

Relevant Information

No further information provided.


I’m not understanding the implication of this change. Will there just be no governance decisions in the month of December (outside of the weekly cycle)? If so, would it make more sense to expedite the cycle so that it does not clash with holidays?

Kudos! Bankers are renown for diligent holiday observance. :grin:

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I’d rather skip the cycle rather than try to compress it. There is a reason it’s one month long.

We could potentially move it forward a week and start it on November 30th which would have the monthly executive go up on December 21st.

I’m still leaning towards just skipping it though, people have been working hard, most MKR Holders aren’t paid. Anything critical that comes up can happen using the weekly cycle as you’ve described. Collateral onboarding probably isn’t going to be using the monthly cycle anyway.

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