MIP55c3-SP: Adding/Modifying a Special Purpose Fund [Template]


Date Applied: (yyyy-mm-dd)
Date Ratified: (yyyy-mm-dd)
Amount Requested:
Recipient Address:

Sentence Summary


  • Why are you proposing this Special Purpose Fund?

Special Purpose Fund Name

Special Purpose Fund Scope & Work Credentials

  • The Special Purpose Fund (SPF) Scope must outline the scope of the problem SPF is filling, its solution, and any dependencies and maintenance necessary for the SPF to contribute to the success of the project.
  • The Special Purpose Fund Scope should be specific to ensure that Maker Governance has clarity about what need it is supporting.
  • The Special Purpose Fund Scope must be limited to either timeframe or specific deliverable (ie. The Protocol needs audits. Funds are approved, Dai goes into escrow, and 2 Comptrollers release funds once audits are complete).

Funding Breakdown

  • Outline key milestones that exemplify a SPF funding to be completed.
  • The funding breakdown should outline the requested funds in detail, including the total amount.

Special Purpose Fund Details

Official Contact or Group Name: The designated contact for the SPF.
Contact Email/Handle: The contact details for the SPF and Multi-Sig.
Date Added: (yyyy-mm-dd)
Total Amount: In Dai.
Wallet Address: Public wallet address of Multi-Sig.
Comptroller signers: Include links to public statements verifying an individuals’ involvement as a Comptroller.
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