MIP62: Collateral Offboarding Process

MIP62: Collateral Offboarding Process


MIP#: 62
Title: Collateral Offboarding Process
Author(s): GFX Labs (@gfxlabs)
Contributors: @PaperImperium, @LongForWisdom, @monkey.irish, @lollike, @DavidUtro
Tags: living
Type: process
Status: Formal Submission
Date Proposed: 2021-12-06
Date Ratified: <yyyy-mm-dd>
Replaces: None


Sentence Summary

This proposal describes how to notify users of Maker vaults of collateral offboarding.

Paragraph Summary

Periodically, collateral and vault types (ilks) are re-evaluated, which sometimes results in an offboarding of that collateral or vault type. This has created a poor user experience when vault owners are unaware of a collateral offboarding, and this MIP is designed to reduce the likelihood of a user being surprised by a liquidation due to offboarding.

Component Summary

MIP62c1: Technical Offboarding Process

MIP62c1 specifies actions to be taken by specific actors within MakerDAO when offboarding a vault type.

MIP62c2: Communication Channels and Media Assets

MIP62c2 specifies which communication channels and media assets should be utilized to announce offboarding prior to initiating parameters changes designed to liquidate users, without penalty, during the offboarding process.

MIP62c3: Modification of MIP62c2 Communication Channels

MIP62c3 describes the process for adding, removing, and modifying communication channels for the process outlined in this MIP.

MIP62c4: Expedited Offboarding

MIP62c4 offers an expedited process in the event a collateral needs to be removed quickly due to security or solvency concerns.


There have been several instances recently where users entered official MakerDAO forums/chats to understand why they had been suddenly liquidated, despite historically comfortable collateralization ratios. This is, understandably, a poor user experience. Even with liquidation penalties set to 0%, the forced unwinding of levered positions conceivably can result in user losses, as well as potentially taxable events. This MIP is designed to assist MakerDAO actors in disseminating information about upcoming collateral offboarding on a best-effort basis, and minimize the number of users who are unaware of the offboarding prior to getting their positions liquidated.

Specific Goals

  1. Codify a series of good-faith communication efforts.
  2. Provide an easy-to-follow process for mandated actors and other MakerDAO contributors to follow without significant burden.
  3. Minimize the number of users unaware of a collateral offboarding.
  4. Provide a method bypass these requirements in the event a collateral is being offboarded due to serious security or solvency concerns.

Specification / Proposal Details

MIP62c1: Technical Offboarding Process

Upon approval by Maker Governance to offboard a permissionless collateral type or vault type, the following actions are taken as soon as is practicable:

  • Set debt ceiling to 0 DAI.
  • Make an initial public announcement on all communication channels in MIP62c2.
  • Make a second public announcement on all communication channels in MIP62c2 no later than 14 calendar days after the initial public announcement.
  • Once second public announcements are being made, set liquidation penalty to 0%.

Only after 14 calendar days have passed since beginning to initiate second public announcements may other parameter changes–including but not limited to liquidation ratio or stability fee–explicitly designed to offboard users be implemented. Examples include changes to liquidation ratio, stability fee, or any other parameter meant to purposefully encourage liquidations of all remaining vaults in that collateral type.

MIP62c2: Communication Channels and Media Assets

The following channels should be used for initial and second public announcements of collateral offboarding. The order of announcement publication is as follows:

The author of the collateral offboarding notice shall post to the Updates section of the MakerDAO Forum detailing the recommended offboarding. This forum thread is used to inform downstream announcements on other channels.

GovComms (COM-001) publishes the associated notices to:

  • All public MakerDAO Calendars.
  • The MakerDAO Official Discord’s Announcement channel.
  • The official MakerDAO subreddit.

Content Production (MKT-001) publishes the associated notices to:

  • Official MakerDAO Blogs
  • Owned MakerDAO Twitter Accounts

Partner Relationship Leads from relevant Core Units reach out to:

  • Affected collateral partners (e.g., Aave)
  • Affected frontend service providers (e.g., Oasis, DeFi Saver)

Additionally, outreach may be done to cover more channels not listed here. These may include other CU-owned Twitter accounts, communication channels, and platforms.

Unless otherwise noted in the offboarding proposal, Collateral Engineering Services (CES-001) will take the lead and coordinate this process.

These channels, the order in which they are to be used for these communications, and who is responsible for which channel can be modified via MIP62c3. It is GOV-001’s responsibility to keep MIP62c2: Communication Channels and Media Assets up-to-date.

MIP62c3: Modification of MIP62c2 Communication Channels

Addition of Communication Channels

New communication channels and media assets may be added to those listed under MIP62c2 without the requirement for governance vote by a joint public statement on the MakerDAO Forum to that effect by any two Core Unit facilitators, or by public statement on the MakerDAO Forum by a facilitator of GovComms (COM-001) or Content Production (MKT-001). Public statements should tag or otherwise directly notify @GovAlpha-Core-Unit.

Removal of Communication Channels

Removal of a communication channel or media asset in MIP62c2 may be effected without the requirement for governance vote by a joint public statement on the MakerDAO Forum by any two Core Unit facilitators. Public statements should tag or otherwise directly notify @GovAlpha-Core-Unit.

Modification of Existing Communication Channels

The use of existing channels as specified in MIP62c2 (order in the sequence of notification, actors responsible for their use) can be modified by the same process used to add new communication channels.

MIP62c4: Expedited Offboarding

When a collateral threatens the security or solvency of the Maker protocol, an expedited offboarding is in order. Expedited offboardings bypass the timeline specified in MIP62c1 and allow the immediate modification of all relevant parameters. Expedited offboardings must:

  • State that the offboarding should be expedited due to an emergency or urgent concern, as defined in MIP24.
  • Explicitly and clearly reference this component.

The public announcements defined in MIP62c1 must still be carried out, but their timeline no longer constrains the modification of parameters. Additionally, these announcements must communicate that it is a case of an expedited offboarding and the reasons for it.


NB: If passed, the intention is to further amend and harmonize the offboarding process in this MIP with any approved changes to collateral onboarding (as suggested by @collateral-core-unit in coming months).

Hello there–TY for putting this together–wondering if its possible to incorporate push notifications via incoming innovative platforms like HAL? I guess it would be up to the end-user–but yes–as I mentioned on Discord, its really hard for deep-pocket companies like CB to notify their customers–this is quite the challenge, for sure.

“It’s all about the Product” –Mickey Drexler


An incorporated push notification system is definitely something I’d like to see work towards, but this MIP definitely improves the current process from a user experience. I’d love to see further discussion on the viability of implementing something like HAL or EPNS

“And I knew exactly what to do. But in a much more real sense, I had no idea what to do.” - Michael Scott


Inb0x could be a game-changer as well. Assuming folks adopt to it trust it :wink:

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I love all of the suggestions of push notifications.

We spend a lot of time talking about the bifurcation of process and implementation. Both are important and we’re being cautious on what goes into the MIP to make it lightweight and open to a variety of technologies…some of which are on the horizon.

I appreciate the product comment! This MIP will be amended since the intention is to incorporate the entire collateral offboarding process. Wait until we get to the RWA discussions. :wink:

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Please move this MIP into formal submission.