MIP7c3-SP2: Domain Team Onboarding (Risk Domain Team)


MIP7c3-SP#: 2
Author(s): Cyrus Younessi (@DonutJr)
Status: Request for Comments (RFC)
Date Applied: 2020-06-01
Date Ratified: <yyyy-mm-dd>
Domain Role: Risk Domain Team Facilitator
Proposed Applicant: Cyrus Younessi

Application Form

Domain Team Introduction

  • The Risk Domain team has been working for the betterment of the Maker Protocol, starting with Single-Collateral Dai and continuing to this day with Multi-Collateral Dai.


  • A Risk domain team is needed to help maintain and facilitate the Maker Protocol’s risk management duties. Specifically, a risk domain team is responsible for creating frameworks around monetary policy risk and collateral portfolio risk. These frameworks can be used for the calculation of risk parameters that are submitted to Maker governance.

Work Credentials

  • Work Experience
    • Head of Risk for the Maker Foundation
    • Director of Research and Trading at Scalar Capital
    • Investment Analyst at Cumberland Mining

Relevant Information