MIP7c3-SP3: Domain Team Onboarding (Risk Domain Team)


MIP7c3-SP#: 3
Author(s): Primož Kordež (@Primoz)
Status: Request for Comments (RFC)
Date Applied: 2020-09-08
Date Ratified: <yyyy-mm-dd>
Domain Role: Risk Domain Team Facilitator
Proposed Applicant: Primož Kordež

Application Form

Domain Team Introduction

The Risk Domain team has been working for the betterment of the Maker Protocol, starting with Single-Collateral Dai and continuing to this day with Multi-Collateral Dai.


Working on the Risk side of things at MakerDAO together with Cyrus and the team now for one and half years, I believe I have a very good overview of the challenges in front of the Risk Domain. My main focus going forward would be:

  • Maximize Protocol self-sustainability and robustness
  • Scale Risk Teams:
    • Build a independent structure of Risk analysts responsible directly to MakerDAO and compensated by the Protocol
    • Onboard additional regular contributors through mentoring and tasks
    • Make contributors specialize in Risk Domain fields i.e. monetary policy, peg & liquidity, collateral risk assessments, RWA, etc.
  • More agile and effective collateral onboarding, focus on RWA
  • Simplify Rate and Debt Ceiling setting process that enables collateral type scaling
  • Enhance monitoring tools for Portfolio risk and DAI/Vault related metrics
  • Address and monitor systemic DeFi risks

Work Credentials

Work Experience:

  • MakerDAO Risk related work since March 2019
  • Development of General Model for risk premium and debt ceiling
  • SCD dashboards
  • Past relevant analyses:
    • Collateral risk assessments
    • Various analyses on Vault metrics and behaviour
    • SCD to MCD migration
    • Auctions & Liquidations
    • DAI liquidity analysis
    • Maker Capital evaluations for solvency
    • Other MakerDAO / DeFi related Research
  • Certified FRM by GARP
  • Distressed Debt Senior Analyst at Elements Capital
  • Risk & Asset Manager at Alpen Invest

Relevant Information


So under normal circumstances onboarding subproposals have a 1 month feedback period before they can move into formal submission.

However, in this case, I think this should move to Formal Submission and be included in the September governance cycle. The reasons for this are as follows:

  • We essentially don’t have a Risk domain team currently due to Cyrus departing the Foundation.
  • Primoz is covering Cyrus’s responsibilities already, given this is the case, it makes sense to confirm that MKR Holders are happy with this state of affairs as soon as possible.
  • The emergency action process for risk is awkward currently given Primoz hasn’t been ratified. We need to fix this asap.

On a more personal note. @Primoz and I have been working more closely since we both became aware of Cyrus’ impending departure.

Everything I’ve seen of him so far gives me confidence in his abilities and flexibility to adapt to a more public facing role.


Great to see this proposal and a familiar face in the community wanting to step up and fill this new role! You have my full support.

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