MIP7c3-SP4: Domain Team Onboarding (Smart Contract Domain Team)

MIP7c3-SP4: Subproposal Template for Smart Contracts Domain Team Onboarding


MIP7c3-SP#: 4
Author(s): Wil Barnes (@wilbarnes), Lucas Manuel (@lucas-manuel), 
  Brian McMichael (@BrianMcMakerDAO), Christopher Mooney (@cmooney)
Contributors: n/a
Status: Formal submission
Date Applied: 2020-08-09
Date Ratified: <yyyy-mm-dd>
Domain Role: Smart Contract Domain Team
Proposed Applicant(s): Wil Barnes, Lucas Manuel, Brian McMichael, Christopher Mooney

Application Form

Domain Team Introduction

  • The Smart Contract Domain team has been working on implementing updates to the protocol, onboarding new collateral types, and writing spells to adjust governance approved risk params.


  • A mandated domain team is required to perform protocol improvements, onboard collateral and other operational work, and provide expertise to the Foundation and the community. The proposed applicants listed herein have been acting in this capacity for an extended period of time, and this MIP7c3 subproposal is intended to formally recognize these applicants as Smart Contract Domain team members.

Work Credentials

  • Wil Barnes, past work experience: ConsenSys, PwC, Booz Allen Hamilton
  • Lucas Manuel, past work experience: EY, Royal Bank of Canada, Canada Pension Plan Investment Board
  • Brian McMichael, past work experience: SafeChain Financial, Ohio Supercomputer Center, Ohio State University
  • Christopher Mooney, past work experience: craigslist, Tilt, XO Communications, Sony

Relevant Information


This MIP7c3 formal submission is related to LFW’s comments here.

With Mariano’s departure, the developers listed in the MIP above have expressed interest in and are willing to act as the new mandated smart contract domain team.