MIP7c3-SP5: Domain Team Onboarding (Risk Domain Team)

MIP7c3-SP5: Domain Team Onboarding (Risk Domain Team)


MIP7c3-SP#: 5
Author(s): Sébastien Derivaux (@SebVentures)
Status: Request for Comments (RFC)
Date Applied: 2020-12-03
Date Ratified: <yyyy-mm-dd>
Domain Role: Risk Domain Team Facilitator
Proposed Applicant: Sébastien Derivaux

Application Form

Domain Team Introduction

The Risk Domain team has been working for the betterment of the Maker Protocol, starting with Single-Collateral Dai and continuing to this day with Multi-Collateral Dai.


Being part of the Maker Community and Governance, I truly believe MakerDAO will change the world. Having worked to build the Real World Asset (RWA) section of the Risk team, I want to push my contribution to the project to the next level.

My main focus going forward would be:

  • Maximize Protocol self-sustainability and robustness
  • Scale Real World Assets:
    • Define a model to assess/monitor RWA risks
    • Onboard additional regular contributors through mentoring and tasks
  • Solvency framework for MakerDAO (Balance sheet risk optimization)
  • Strategic Reserves
  • Assist others Risk Facilitators on Risk duties

Work Credentials

Maker Experience:

Previous Experience:

  • Head of Financial Planning & Analysis for an insurance company
  • Senior Data Analyst for Blizzard Entertainment
  • Bachelor in accounting and business administration
  • PhD in Data Science

Relevant Information


You worked at Blizzard? Siiiiick. Seb would be an amazing addition to the team. Let’s get this done!


Definitely support this

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+1 the realest of the realest Seb-V! Standout talent.

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This is great to see! @SebVentures has been a great person to work with and I appreciate him pushing this topic forward. His forum threads are always well researched and helpful for other community members to follow what’s going on.

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Great to see the next community member getting onboard to the system :slight_smile: go for it Sebastian!

Wanted to follow up on this proposal (admittedly both because I’m going through the MIPs and @SebVentures is a certified all-star), it appears that it never made its way into Git.Hub (at least not under the MIP7c3 folder) and wanted to make sure we didn’t lose it to history. Have there been any updates on the process for this MIP, maybe @charlesstlouis has an idea?

Hey @prose11, it’s currently in the RFC stage and is indeed on Github (RFC branch): https://github.com/makerdao/mips/blob/RFC/MIP7/MIP7c3-Subproposals/MIP7c3-SP5.md. In terms of next steps, I believe it will be formally submitted by Seb for January’s Governance Cycle.

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Awesome thanks for the quick reply! (working on a MIP tracker and trying to find where everything is housed)

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Moved to formal submission.


+1 @SebVentures , you are a great asset for MakerDAO and I think we are very lucky to have you here!

LOL, I agree this is amazing! How many hours I have spent playing Warcraft2/3 and Diablo1… I also had a month of ‘pretty intense’ Heroes of The Storm :rofl:


Fully support! Seb is a total beast who is constantly contributing to the betterment of MakerDAO.

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Support from my side as well. Sebastien has shown high motivation to push RWA implementation forward and I am not sure where RWA at Maker would be otherwise without him.

He has high knowledge of how Maker works and opened great discussions on forums where he participates regularly. This is all rare and we need to retain and support this kind of talent.


Awesome sounds like you have the passion to help move this community forward!

I just wanted to second this. Additionally, I feel that one of the most valuable attributes for contributors to the DAO is autonomy (coming back to this old post). @SebVentures has shown that he’s very prepared to push the DAO forwards in a number of areas.

Additionally, his teams work has shown self-reflection. This is another extremely positive sign in my view.


Let’s onboard Seb! He’s committed, dedicated, and passionate about the DAO. Give him 1% of your confidence, and he’ll go to work and earn the other 99%!


Thanks, everyone for your kind words.

Unfortunately, at this stage, the MKR token holders find my performance subpar and this might be my last day working for the DAO. It’s a bit frustrating to not know the reason for the no/abstain votes.

Anyway, I encourage people to vote, for or against. I would be more than happy to get honest feedback (you can DM me here or on the rocket chat).


I cannot believe this…

If there is any whale with some MKR please vote or at least explain here the reasons (even anonymously).

It’s not possible to just get a rejection like that, in contrast with widespread Forum sentiment, with no clues on its motivation.

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I don’t think the vote is over yet :slight_smile: You have my full support @SebVentures and I think we can rally a few more MKR votes!


Looks a lot better now! DAO Governance is a roller-coaster!