[MIP7c4-SP1] Subproposal to Offboard Risk Domain Team: Cyrus Younessi


MIP7c4-SP#: #1
Author(s): Cyrus Younessi
Date Proposed: <2020-09-08>
Date Removed: <yyyy-mm-dd>
Domain Team Name: Cyrus Younessi


Removal Motivation

  • I have resigned my position as Head of Risk at the Maker Foundation. Correspondingly, I would also like to resign as a Domain Team for MakerDAO.

Relevant Information

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Only at Maker do you have to lay yourself off. lol


Yeah, so this is frankly kind of stupid. If @charlesstlouis agrees, I think we just don’t put this through the formal governance cycle, mark it as Accepted with a note saying that it was voluntary and wasn’t voted on and have @charlesstlouis as the MIP Editor just remove Cyrus from the MIPs.

We should also do this with Rich Brown and Mariano.

It’s definitely still good to get a forum post / subproposal that confirms that someone is voluntarily offboarding though.


Agreed. I would like to amend MIP7/MIP0 to add a note that a mandated actor can offboard themselves voluntarily (without governance) as long as it comes with open communication to the governance community via a forum post / subproposal. This minimum requirement would serve as reference/proof that the actor did indeed voluntarily offboard themself.