MKR burned is back on track

I know the market is bleeding right now and probably nobody is up for celebrating, but:

Just before Black Thursday happened we already had 14.6k of MKR burned thanks to flapping


We didn’t had a large Surplus Buffer back in these days, and also no Liquidations 2.0.

Today we reached the next milestone in burning MKR - getting back to the same level we had before Black Thursday.


MKR has a whale that buys 150k$ worth of MKR (Currently) every day and never sell. We don’t care if the markets are bleeding :slight_smile:

When Compound D3M is implemented and MKR wormhole and MCD is live in most L2s, we will have more burn to come!


source? i wish i could buy 150k$ of MKR every day :wink:

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Pretty sure they mean MakerDAO itself :slight_smile:


Heh, beat me to it. :laughing:

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hahaha, loving it :slight_smile:

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