MKR future price outlook?

I’m relatively a newb compared to most of you perhaps. I’ve dived deep into ALT cryptos few months ago (before that I was just playing around with BTC and ETH for a couple years) and Maker was one of my top alt picks. Not that I haven’t made gains, but compared to other picks, MKR has remained weak and no one seems to be caring about it (which can be a good thing if you are going to buy).

Do you think the public will pick up more on it eventually? I’m planning on converting half my bag into something newer if I don’t see much action soon… routerlogin

if we look from January, to its 5K ATH Si has had a big rise, of course the overall market went up.


MKR is not only based on its price, but also on protocol.

You have to look at MKR as an insurance guarantee for the protocol, as well as the most basic building block for decision making.

Imagine we are a $10 billion plus protocol, the more we can raise the more interest and buying pressure there will be for MKR.

MKR token I would see it as the shares of the company, the maker’s decisions are influenced on this token (of course it does not escape the market). But if it is smart with all the RWA’s coming I am sure it will be good to be a MKR holder.

The MKR burn mechanism converts protocol profits into MKR buying pressure steadily over time.
Therefore, MKR is probably best seen as a long term investment.