More noobie questions

Hi all, so I’m pretty new to crypto but I’m doing plenty of research and being sensible about it and taking a long term approach. My initial aim was Eth VidMate ereum, but having looked around and researched I am very interested in mkr, and having seen them move quite directly with each other (and I understand vaguely how mkr works) I have decided to invest in a couple of mkr coins/tokens.

I’m not trying to trade or anything like that, I’m 40 yrs old and run my own business so I’m looking at it as a kind of retirement investment but I’m also interested in crypto as a whole. I plan to invest more, and also I have small amounts in ada and bnb, and I’m looking to expand my portfolio. I’m not about to put my life savings (not that I have any) into it, but just want to see where it goes over the next 5-10 years.

My question really is yfi and how it is valued so much higher when mkr has a higher cap and volumes etc. Its quite remarkable how little mkr is talked about. And also where could mkr end up?

Also any advice is very welcome, thanks in advance…

Welcome to the forum @PacoBelan!

You might find that this topic doesn’t elicit much response on the forum here. Most of the discussions here center around governance, how to make Maker a better protocol through Maker Improvement Proposals, improving our community etc. In some sense, we’re past the point of asking if Maker and/or the MKR token is worth spending our time and money on - instead, we’re all here because we know it is :wink:

Still, I hope you’ll stick around and read through some of the other threads and help contribute to the protocol itself in some way.


Welcome! I will echo what @AstronautThis said in that you will not find much speculation regarding MKR token value in these forums. Personally I find this refreshing as it detracts from the goal at hand IMO.

However, with regards to your specific question on how a YFI token is currently “valued” more even though it has a lower marketcap, that’s because there are far few circulating YFI tokens (~900k MKR vs. ~35k YFI) so each individual YFI token has a higher dollar value. Since tokens are almost infintely divisible this is arbitrary, and I’d focus more on a project’s marketcap as a measure of adoption/success etc.

Anyway, hope that helps and welcome to the crypto world!

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