My DAI is generating 0 interest

I used MetaMask and to deposit 100 DAI. It is not generating any interest. Did I miss some prerequisites?


Hi @shsell , currently the saving interest rate on DAI is 0% on Oasis. As you can see if you look in the forum, we are taking measures to keep 1 DAI value close $1. One of such measure is to set the interest at 0%. That might change in the future obviously.

Nevertheless, you can earn interest on your DAI by other means. Aave is currently offering 3.89% interest rate on DAI. On some crypto banks like Nexo you can earn 10%. None of those are linked to Maker and are just some examples.

If you would be kind enough, I would love to know your journey so far using DAI. Did you get them from a vault? From someone else? Are you keeping them for a reason (savings, meeting a future expense, …). Those remarks would be helpful to make the product better suited to your needs.



Put your Dai in Compound. That’s what I did when they shut off the DSR.