My Position in the Community

Hullo all,

As many of you are aware, I’ve been pretty active in the community over the last few months. With the aim of responsible disclosure, this post is to make you aware that I am now (and have been for the last two weeks) receiving a small stipend from the Maker Foundation grants program under the auspices of Rich.

The aim behind this is to allow me to continue the level of contribution that I have been making up to this point without it negatively impacting other aspects of my life.

Here are a couple of points that people may be curious about or interested in:

  • The stipend is for 7.5 hrs/week, it is in the same ballpark as the hourly rate that other participants of the grants program receive for their work.
  • Rich brought up the subject, as he felt that my contributions were consistent and valuable and he wanted to maintain that.
  • It pushes me to attend and participate in the governance calls, something I wouldn’t do otherwise.
  • Rich and I are in agreement that part of what makes my contributions valuable is independence from the Foundation. Hopefully you’ll agree that I haven’t held back on this front in the past. This will not change in the future (but please call me out if you think I am awarding the Foundation too much credit).
  • My responsibilities are intentionally vague, leaving me free to contribute in the way I feel is most useful and most suited to my interests. To speak to this a little though, my priorities are:
    • Increasing governance engagement.
    • Bringing to light potential issues that I feel are being ignored.
    • Working on governance efficiency and integrity.

Questions or comments are welcome.



I like how the foundation is trying to facilitate decentralization while keep hands firmly on the steering wheel. It must be a maddeningly difficult balance to keep, much harder than riding a bicycle.


Thanks for this transparency and you are doing a great job! I’ve actually been thinking of making a similar post but it felt a bit much for the small part of my compensated involvement.

I’ve been handling transcriptions of the Governance and Risk Meeting Calls for the past 28 weeks or something. Making sure they get transcribed, correcting and formatting them for the official MakerDAO Community repo on Github and I have been compensated for that. I was hesitant to accept any money for it initially, it was definitely not the goal of doing it but I must admit it has helped doing it consistently every week for such a long time. This also never has or will influence my comments as a governance participant as I do not depend on this compensation.

It does on the other highlight the need for independent compensation provided by the system itself for all roles, (Governance facilitators, Risk Teams, …) and tasks which are needed to keep this system going without the Foundations financial support. It’s actually one of the more pressing issues to figure out to make this decentralised experiment viable in the longterm.


Since it’s a “transparency thread”, I’m disclosing that my work as Translation Project Coordinator is also compensated by Foundation. Compensation is based on finished translations.

So far the team consisting of translators and editor (kudos to them!) translated FAQs to 8 languages (9th is coming). You can see the outcome of our effort here:

You can read more (and perhaps join our team) here:


Thanks for the likes and the kind words, I wasn’t expecting others to jump in with their disclosures here, but the more the merrier.


I guess I should also disclose I received a one-time, small payment from the Foundation for translation work!


You are doing a great job! Happy you can get a small financial compensation.

Disclaimer: I also got a one-time small payment from the Foundation for translation.


Totally appreciate this kind of disclosure and would love to see more of it from others.

FYI: At this point I have received no compensation and have no conflicts of interest.


I have been able to get compensation to make presentation meeting with friends. I still need to update this tread but i havent done it so far since i have some information missing and picture.

But i will do soon. I was waiting on some feedback from friends but sometimes it take longer than suppose.

But yes, Thanks to @Davidutro for delivering this and set a Trust accommodation with me.


@MakerMan ,

I do this for pleasure or fun, but helping other is my payment.

Knowing that i put a smile on a face of someone as no price tag for me. Worth it !