Need your ideas: Privacy related problem statements

Hey everyone :wave: Community Development will be involved in a privacy-focused virtual hackathon and would like to know:

What are some privacy problem statements you would like to see tackled?

Example #1: Private invoicing - obscuring payments between two parties without revealing the amount.
Example #2: “Clean Addresses” - a simple way for users to send funds to a new address without revealing their past purchasing history, heavy bags and/or stacked sats.


Hi @rawhaus,

good initiative this.
Private invoicing is one thing.
Clean addresses would be pure heaven. Both for DAI and MKR. I guess Tornado.Cash could to some degree clean DAI, but not MKR.
Would it be possible to have a clean Maker governance voting record?
Why: imagine a scenario in the not too distant future where various factions of Delegated Voting has turned non-constructive and are only flinging dirt at each other. In that case it is better to have a more anonymous governance voting as it makes it easier to concentrate on the actual issues at hand and not on who-voted-what earlier.


Anything related to privacy would be wonderful! Both of your examples would be great! But isn’t this something that needs to be handled at the base layer within the ethereum protocol? I’ve heard you can do layer 2 privacy solutions, but I don’t really understand how you keep privacy with a transparent base layer.

Hi @befitsandpiper

You can’t keep the privacy, other than the actual identification of the real user, if available to the database. You can identify information, and recache it or rewrap it into another solution from the same contract on-chain i would say.