Nervous....Asked to sign a message on new device to connect


I have an existing vault for over 6 months or so, and I went to deposit some DAI to pay off the debt and when connecting my wallet (metamask) a messsage pops up:

“It looks like you’re new to Oasis app or are using a new device to connect. For added security, please sign a message with your wallet to continue.”

Have connected in the past with same wallet/pc and never received this message. Before signing the message, I just wanted to check if this is a legitimate message from Oasis?


Hi @hoochiemama ,

This is probably normal.

There was a recent update of the Oasis user interface which caused some local browser cache to become stale. This is why the website does not recognize some previous users anymore, and in that case it asks to sign the Terms and Conditions again.

As always, just double-check that you’re connecting to the official site:

And check in the address bar of your browser that the connection is secure (SSL certificate.)

Also make sure you always have the latest versions of MetaMask, and your hardware wallet is up-to-date with the latest firmware (for example through Ledger Live.)

I’ve encountered similar issue and did exactly what you suggested - I doubt average user is so careful on the web. There could be, at minimum, some kind of versioning visible. With link to the webpage with release table. So that potential attacker, would need also hijack/sync to the webpage.