New Category, "Community Resource Resevoir", etc

What about creating a new Category titled Community Resource Reservoir, or something like this? The intent would be to:

  • Share interesting links, videos, articles related to the DeFi Space.
  • Related Podcasts
  • New Books
  • Etc.


I’d encourage you do just start a topic on this if you think it would be valuable @Graciouseats . I wrote a little bit about this idea a while ago. In general don’t talk about doing something, just do it if you think it would be useful.

Stuff like this tends to be shared in rocket chat semi-regularly, but a more permanent record might be good? Especially if it skews more towards long-term valuable resources rather than flavour-of-the-month articles and blogposts.

Thanks for the advice LFW. Graciouseats has been turned on…

However, I believe I mistyped. I meant a new Category.