New Community Members - What Brought You Here?

This is kind of a shitpost, but I have been really curious lately as I’ve seen some new usernames getting involved.

If you’ve joined in the past couple of months, what brought you here? How can we get more people like you to join? What are you hoping to achieve?

Really glad to have the newcomers!


To be honest for source cred. I’m coming from another DAO, and we spoke about using source cred. I was very sceptical. And I learned that Maker uses it. So I wanted to try.

And then i discover a very nice forum with amazing content. Very often too complicated for me, but very interesting. You can easily spend hours on this forum and learn a lot. So it’s amazing.


I thought I was here around 1 year, but checking now the time, is half of that! That’s probably cause’ I’ve read some much stuff here, that I’ve felt very linked to the forum and the DAO.

I got very motivated with whole the DAO idea probably late 2019, then I was looking for solutions to monetary storage in my natal country (Cuba) and found about DAI… read more, found Vaults, voting portal, auctions… bought my first MKR, earned, loosed…

At this moment I feel very attached to the DAO, having the forum opened in one of my screens all the time. I vote in more of the polls here, in some on-chain, not all TBH (really would like to find more motivation to do it!). I read most of the discussions taking place, and learned a lot in the process!

I guess that bringing more people to the DAO is about sharing its goal, improving the interaction with common people (where we’re lacking a little IMHO), and ensuring there are monetary incentives as well. Vault owners are those who probably will want to learn more about MakerDAO (that was my second step after all), and could end as active community memebers. IMO, that’s probably the first entry point for new members, I’d love that we give more importance to that part.

What I hope to achieve? Well, to become a member of the DAO in the “strong sense”. Want to start cooperating with it, helping in what I know to do (building software), help it to achieve that milestone that I share with it: changing the current financial system! Long road ahead, but I definitely believe that MakerDAO has the bases set to be one of the big players in the financial system of tomorrow, one more opened, not centralized, and not obliged to follow rules of some specific governments… one which follow the shared rules of the mankind, fair, universal and without privileges.


I am personally also curious about the increase in Spanish posts in the forum.

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The Dai Action Groups and other community members are trying to get more hispanic people involved here on the forum, so they can be in a place different from other social media groups where they feel the info is more accurate !


I’m just generally interested in getting more involved in crypto governance communities. It’s fascinating to see how different projects are navigating these relatively uncharted waters.


In June,2019 I learnt Maker from Chao Pan because of an off-line meet-up held in Shenzhen. From then I began to try Maker and created a cdp with the help of the MakerDAO Chinese team. I once interviewd with Chao Pan and published an article( at bihu.Besides, I also wrote 3 articles introducing Maker.;;

Although I once chatted at I never use this forum. Forum is a little out-dated for me. But I registered this account at March,2020 because I want to learn more about the black swan(near 0 DAI liquidation event). Then I almost forgot this forum. Recently I chatted with @Jiecut at discord and he shared with me a snapshot which he got serveral hundred DAI from this forum then I want to explore more… So this time I think what attracts me is the incentives.

In summarize, I like Maker and this forum distributes incentives to the active members. If you can do something with interests and then get some rewards, why not?


Welcome @tianqi! Was the discord a Maker discord, or another community? Asking because SourceCred also has a discord plugin in addition to Discourse.

It’s a private message with him. By the way, we knew each other at and met many times at different DeFi projects discord. The crypto world is very small.

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Primarily to be aware of updates on when tBTC will be added to as collateral (own tBTC and much prefer it to wBTC) but also because MakerDAO is one of the most important projects (imo) in the Ethereum space so thought it’d be good reading up on the forums from time to time and see what’s happening.


I came here because of Rich Brown’s western Canadian drawl and stayed for LFW’s Etonian English.



I came here to read about the community’s response to YFI’s AMM based stablecoin and stayed because there’s a lot of interesting conversation and I want to learn more about how MakerDao works.