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Hi all,

Come join us on the October 20th Community Call today (9AM PST | 4PM UTC | 12PM EST | 10AM MST | 6PM CET). Where I will be demoing the new Voting Portal. For future reference, below is a visual/written description of the enhancements to be discussed.

The Voting Portal ( has three discrete sections; the Landing Page, Polling Page, and Executive Voting Page.

Landing Page:
The new landing page includes call-to-action labels for a quick overview of what governance actions are available right now. This page also includes jump-off points for easy access to related sources of information like system statistics, community sites, tools and forum discussions:

The landing page also highlights the most recent executive vote as well as the latest polling votes with the ability to click-through to view all historic polls/proposals:

The latest Governance-specific blogs and posts can also be found on the landing page:

Polling Page:
The polling page has been revamped to allow batched polling. Users can now submit their ranked choice and plurality votes in a single transaction by using the ballot functionality. Other functionality includes filtering and poll card information to support user awareness and participation:

Executive Voting Page:
The executive voting page now also displays past executive proposals and their respective execution dates and amount of MKR still in support . Users are now also able to add comments along with their vote so the community can better understand the rationale behind why people vote a certain way.

When clicking into the detail of an executive vote, the user is presented with 3 tabs; Proposal Detail, On-Chain Effects and Comments.

Proposal detail includes all detail as included by the Governance Facilitator:

On-Chains Effects display the spell address linking out to Etherscan to view the contract code. This is followed by the Vat and Jug changes read from the contract itself:
On-Chain Effects

And finally, the spell comments field, which is an off-chain database of comments signed by users when they submit their vote:

This new Governance Portal will replace the legacy site at The legacy site will remain active at as there remain outstanding onboarding and ES module functionality that we need to migrate. It will still be possible to continue to vote through this site if users wish.

All comments and feedback are welcome as we continue to optimise access to governance information and voter participation. Thank you!


Excellent work! I especially like the ability to provide voting feedback.


WOOOOO! I have been waiting for that so long. really looking forward :slight_smile:


Really nice job and a big improvement. Poll batching and Executive Vote comments are particularly nice features.

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Yeah, really looks nice.

Thanks for the kind words everyone.

I also wanted to mention that the design and development team did a great job getting the new site to be mobile responsive as well :slight_smile:


By the time I saw the mock-up the first time in a session with @jordan.jackson I was really excited, but this is even better! Nice that you took the time to get some userfeedback before implementing it. Really worth the effort, great job!


Great work! Comments in particular are a very good idea :slight_smile:

Awesome update, great work.

Much better loading, and batched polling. Cool executive voting features.

Do abstain votes show up in the vote breakdown?

Thanks @Jiecut currently abstain doesn’t show up, but I have added it to our backlog so we’ll get right on it!

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This is so cool. I guess I’ll still wait a week or 2 before voting to make sure the contract is safe.

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