No New Executive Proposal - 2021-07-30

Hello everyone!

As Reported in today’s Governance and Risk call we will not be putting up an Executive tomorrow. This is a collective decision from the mandated actors but was brought up for discussion by GovAlpha.

Last week @LongForWisdom posted this 2021-07-23 Executive and ongoing participation issues, concerning our plans with the prior executive, and mentioning discussions about switching to a biweekly Executive Proposal cadence.

While we have not concluded that a bi-weekly cadence would be preferable, the Mandated Actors have agreed that we should not be seeking to put up an Executive every week, just for the sake of having a new one. In this week’s case, the only contents would have been some code housekeeping changes from the @Protocol-Engineering team that can easily be batched into next week’s vote.

Voter participation remains a primary concern of GovAlpha, and we hope that some amount of voter fatigue will be relieved by not pushing nominal executives up for a weekly vote. We believe that Voter Delegation will help with some participation issues, but until there is significant voting power resting with recognized delegates we do not suspect there to be too much change in participation.

We are, as always, open to questions and concerns about this decision and encourage community feedback on how we can best communicate changes. Thank you for your time, feel free to comment here or reach out to me privately with concerns if you prefer. A reminder that we have an anonymous question box that can be utilized for concerns outside of Governance calls as well.


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