November's Community Mentions of the Month!

Hi everyone,

Every month we highlight and feature the most interesting developments that have come out of the Maker community. This happens in the form of a tweetstorm, usually on the first Monday of the month(but this month i’m late, my bad!) In the interest of archiving these monthly mentions, I’ll be posting the monthly tweetstorm here in the forum.

We do this to have a bit of fun with the Reddit community, and to highlight community developer creations, articles, threads, comments, and more. We hope you all enjoyed the month of November!

1/ Oh snap it’s the monthly Maker community highlights thread.

November was pretty awesome, can’t lie.

2/ We had 8 different community calls this month (besides the tons of forum and chat activity)

:telephone_receiver:4 Governance and Risk calls

:telephone_receiver:4 Community Calls

Our community worked hard to stay responsive and on top of things in the wake of the MCD launch.

3/ The ProtoFire team released the Maker Governance Analytics Dashboard V1(

And came onto the Community Call to demo it.

4/ :ballot_box:The governance community ratified the Migration Risk Construct Proposal that paved the way for a conservatively planned and safe launch + migration.

5/ Kevin Marek created a handful of amazing gitcoin quests to educate users on the MakerDAO migration and to reward them with some sweet collectible NFTs

Here’s one of them

“I was there”

6/ Centrifuge Tinlake and PaperChain posted a long detailed report on their pilot with royalty financing.

Absolutely fascinating stuff

60k worth of Spotify Revenue was advanced to an artist, and the possibility for another type of collateral.

7/ Mariano Conti must not sleep because while he was busy building and launching MCD

:star:The old became
:star:Daistats had cool ass animated sprites for when the launch happened
:star:Daistats got more organized and pretty thanks to Chris Smith


8/ was updated by @visavishesh to show $Dai and $Sai separately.

Looking forward to other data dashboards to offer MCD data!

9/ A few people from the community came together to revamp🐳

(it’s a big boi)

10/ @ChrisBlec stays making videos. He made an exclusive Sai->Dai tutorial for twitter and he made youtube videos for

  1. Migrating Sai to Dai (
  2. How to start earning the Dai Savings Rate (

Total beast.

11/ This should have been up higher in the thread because it’s totally awesome and has been a great resource to the maker community.

I still refresh it multiple times a day.

Thanks, davecraige emilianobonassi & simoneconti_

12/ @androolloyd, aka Andrew Redden, launched MCD.

He’s a complete rando from the community :heart:
He made history using only 50 Gwei

13/ This is a small snapshot of the huge number of ecosystem partners and projects who supported the MCD upgrade.

Huge thanks to everyone who uses and supports $Dai

14/ SPECIAL SHOUTOUT TO InstaDApp and DeFiSaver for creating migration tools that allow CDP owners to convert to Vaults incrementally.

The main frustration for migrators was the dependency on Sai in the migration contract. Those migration tools certainly helped. :pray::raised_hands:

15/ One of our community rockstars, LongForWisdom, created a Forum Navigation Index(Forum Navigation Index) to help people that are looking through our forums where most of the heavier conversations around MakerDAO governance happen.

That was wise.

16/ @iamTWB_ (Tim Black) has been killing it with the summaries for the weekly Governance & Risk calls. We’ve been working together to standardize them and make them as useful as possible.

Check them out here:

17/ If anyone is feeling cold this fine December day, some of the Dapphub guys created Chai :tea:,

an ERC-20 wrapper for Dai in DSR

18/ There was a bunch more, but this thread is getting quite long so I’ll cut it here and say thank you.

Thank you to all of you who are building, using, and appreciating what we have on our hands.

I’m excited to see how $Dai can change the world.


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