[NS-DROP] and [SIXS] Implementation

On the Collateral Status Index, NS-DROP and SIXS have been awaiting executive for some time now. My questions are, what still needs to be done before these collateral types will be added to an executive vote, and, what is the estimated ETA until these collateral types will be added and have a DC > 0?

This is a monumental milestone for MakerDAO and I am excited to see it move forward. Just curious what the delay is and when we can expect it. Thanks.

Great question!!

From the G&R meetings on Thursdays–SIXS is going thru paperwork–such as finalizing the Delaware Trust documentation, and crossing T’s and dotting the i’s , etc. @mrabino1 can elaborate more than I can.

With regards to NS-DROP–the SC Team is working with Centrifuge on finalizing/testing the code (I believe) but also @spin can provide more details.

All-in-all DeFi + RWA is going to melt faces!! IMO

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Paperwork intensive. Neither governance nor the smart contract is the constraint. The community needs to review the docs. To do that, they need to be would-be execution form for review. The contemplated debt ceiling would then only happen after the final executed documents are circulated within the community.

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When will the docs be up for review?

Not soon enough… Keep watching the forum.


For SIXS, the SC team published MIP21 in Kovan last week. So the bottleneck is the legal side as @mrabino1 explained well. Then the review might take some time. The Real-World Finance team will probably stop everything to focus on that when it’s ready.

For NS-DROP, SC team has started to work on MIP22. With MIP21 out of the way (soon) they go into the meaty piece. Nevertheless, Liquidation 2.0 remains the priority. There will be a weekly point with @hexonaut. @prankstr25 is on fire and the New Silver pool has already $1.5M AUM and 5 investments. The deal flow is here waiting for Maker.

I will not give a deadline sadly, there are too many parties involved.

Those 2 projects are game-changers and we can be happy to have those partners. If all goes well on an operational side, this will lead to projects like SolarX (solar farms) (trust/MIP21 based followed by @Philinje ) and a lot of Centrifuge assets that will provide great diversification. For instance, we are making great progress with People’s Company (farmlands) (Centrifuge followed by @jameskmccall). Farming the sun and farming the land. If you want to go overseas, @williamr is all-in on trade finance with ConsolFreight and Harbor Trade Credit, both are Centrifuge MIP22-based.

The RWF team can’t wait. This is the future of DeFi.


Thanks for taking the time. Looks like I called the top of the waiting period for the executive: Executive Vote: Parameter Updates and Onboarding RWA-001. Looking forward to the next steps that lead to minting the first million. Keep up the good work all.


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