Official Launch of

Today I am announcing the launch of - a tool for viewing time series data from the Maker protocol. The site previously existed in a beta stage without a live data hookup. Now the site will be kept up-to-date with new collateral types as well as up the minute data. All code is open source and data can be downloaded via csv or the data graphql api:

Feedback is encouraged:


It looks great! :grinning:

Congrats on the launch, great work!

It might be good to have a curated set of graphs that show certain things. I feel like this would help direct attention to the valuable and useful metrics.

Currently it seems very flexible (which is great), but it does make it harder to browse if you aren’t looking for a specific thing.


I was thinking the same thing. At the very least the entire view saves via the URL, so custom views could be saved via specific urls. Omitting the start and end time will keep it up to date. It may make sense to have these common views in a dashboard view on initial page load as well.

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