Operational Support Weekly Update: April 23-29, 2021

General Updates

@juanjuan has been working mainly on incorporating the feedback received for the Sustainable Ecosystem Scaling Core Unit.
For $300, what is caffeine overload?

@amyjung is setting suns in the Foundation like there’s no tomorrow and wrapped up the last sync as Community Development “at the Foundation” with a celebration. These community calls will be renewed in a fully community-owned form!
Wait, was that… @richard.brown in that call?!

Know Your MIP:

Collateral Onboarding:

  • Yesterday: MCO2 presented their MIP6 application for their Carbon Credit Market.
  • None coming up next week

Core Units Updates:

Follow live developments of Core Units on :point_right: coreunit.makerdao.network :point_left:

:fire::rocket::fire:New Active Core Units:fire::rocket::fire:

Past Calls

:wrench: Last week: Core Unit Tools #6: Request Network Recording

Calls Coming up

:person_in_lotus_position: Tomorrow! April 23, Core Unit Rituals #1: OKRs for Core Units!

Core Units in RFC

Core Units Drafts in Progress


@amyjung @juanjuan

That’s all for us :slight_smile:

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