Operational Support Weekly Update: April 29 - May 6, 2021

General Updates

It’s been a slower week for Operational Support, but a wild week for MakerDAO at large :upside_down_face:

Know Your MIP:

Collateral Onboarding:

Core Units Updates:

It’s a notable moment in the MakerDAO organizational development. The amount of new core units being proposed has slowed down. We’ve completed “Wave 1” with teams receiving budget. We’re at “Wave 2” - with the second group, giving us a total of 7 core units. “Wave 3” is coming into Formal Submission with 2 core units. We’ve observed core units carving their own spaces, even different ways of work / principles being challenged.

Observations & Questions that have been brought up:

  1. What happens when one core unit’s principles are different than another? What kinds of conflicts are coming up? How are they resolved?
  2. When and for what is a good time to consider standardizing / striving for consistency? (Notably budget reporting has come up)
  3. Should core units be allowed to nurture a treasury using requested budget?
  4. Expectations around core unit proposal & development: People who want to contribute in smaller, leaner aspects

Follow live developments of Core Units on :point_right: coreunit.makerdao.network :point_left:

Past Calls

Calls Coming up

Core Units in Formal Submission

Core Units in RFC

Core Units Drafts in Progress

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