Operational Support Weekly Update: April 5-8, 2021

General Updates

This week’s update is a bit longer than usual due to an exciting announcement: @juan and I have been a bit quiet on the development of our Operational Support Core Unit proposal because these past weeks we’ve been working on a merger with @wouter’s core unit: the Sustainable Ecosystem Scaling Core Unit.

From OS point of view, this Core Unit is a level up, retaining most of our core mandate, but giving it more structure and strategy.

The biggest change will be that SES will continue to incubate a selected, limited number of Core Units (we have been covering all), and will not cover DAO-wide operational support in a traditional sense (such as DAO resource accounting and reporting).

Below are the list of OS initiatives in the works and details on status in the merger. Juan and I will continue to support these projects as Operational Support to its completion. We also recognize there’s a period of time where SES will not be officially mandated (til June), therefore we also took this into consideration in covering projects during the transition period.

Current Supported Projects (Support til ~June)

Lead Project Status
Both > Juan Weekly updates in G&R Will be given by Juan
Juan MKR Compensation: 1) Juan will help the Working Group to the first stage: getting Reps, set up with first meeting, then checking in on the progress. 2) Both of us are getting sentiments from Core Units in RFC, Public Draft, Approved on how they want to move forward with incentives/MKR while the overarching framework is being defined. Bootstrap & Handoff. Not actively in scope for SES
Amy > Juan Grants Foundation Grants has sunset. While it doesn’t cover a traditional “DAO Grants Program” per se, a form will exist in SES as “sponsorships”
Amy Project Compass, the framework for gathering and setting DAO vision. Will continue to contribute to the framework. SES is working on a framework for core units defining their vision/mission.
Juan MIPs Portal Next version complete. Will hand-off to Governance
Amy Sourcing talent & incubation. This has been quite small scale (like Autonomous MakerDAO and grants) and not an official initiative. SES will cover a part of this through the Sponsorship and Incubation Programs

Core Unit Support (Most will merge to SES)

Most of the work we’ve been doing to help core units at early stages will continue to SES, but in a more formalized incubator model:

Will continue to SES in limited scope or handed off as research

  • Helping review & give feedback on core unit proposal drafts
  • Develop resources and tooling
  • Supporting teams interested in support / incubation
  • Reminders for process and timeframe
  • Multisig Accounting & Invoicing Resources
  • DAO Operations Comparison Research
  • Legal framework, resources, and core unit with @layerzero
  • (Did not start) Core Unit Reporting

Not actively in near-term scope for SES

  • DAO Core Unit Costs & People Overview

Feel free to reach out if you have questions or concerns!

Now back to our regularly scheduled updates…

Know Your MIP:

Collateral Onboarding:

Core Units Updates:

Follow live developments of Core Units on :point_right: coreunit.makerdao.network :point_left:

Calls Last Week

Calls Coming up

  • April 21: :rocket: Core Unit Launch Pod Session #6: GovComms with @davidutro (Agenda coming soon)

Core Units in Formal Submission

Core Units in RFC

Core Units Drafts in Progress

Interesting topics of conversations :eyes:


@amyjung @juan

That’s all for us :slight_smile:


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