Operational Support Weekly Update: Feb 22-25, 2021

General Updates

@juanjuan and I have been continuing our work on supporting core units in development and collecting additional resources that may minimize friction for individuals and teams looking to start core units.

Know Your MIP:

Collateral Onboarding:

Core Units Updates:


Following moved into Formal Submission:

Core Units in RFC

New core unit drafts in progress

Interesting topics of conversations :eyes:

  • Clarity and alignment on MakerDAO vision, objectives, and roadmap
  • Standardization at the higher level: MKR Vesting, “Budget” processes, etc
  • Minimizing lift for developing and proposing a core unit
  • Pathways for those who want to join core units / be contributors
  • Facilitator remuneration
  • Sourcing and recruiting talent (especially “rockstar” developers)
  • Developing healthy MakerDAO culture
  • Quality assurance when it comes to hiring or onboarding Facilitators and units


@amyjung @juanjuan

That’s all for us :slight_smile:


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