Operational Support Weekly Update: March 5-11, 2021

General Updates

Busy week with core units and discussions in the forum.

Know Your MIP:

  • None this and last week. Coming up later in the month: EURDAI

Collateral Onboarding:

  • Mandated actors are working hard on Real-World Finance and and ETH-C vault.

Core Units Updates:

Recent Calls

Calls Coming up

Core Units in RFC

Core Units Drafts in Progress

Links and updated Core Unit statuses on coreunit.makerdao.network

Interesting topics of conversations :eyes:

  • MKR Incentives and vesting discussions launched by Smart Contract budget
    • There will be an opportunity to dive into SC during the Core Unit Launch Pod Session next Wednesday and adding general incentives as a topic of discussion for G&R Call the following Thursday.


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Thatโ€™s all for us :slight_smile:


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