Optimizing for the Ultimate Objective (please hold, your application is important to us)

TL;DR: There are many great things to implement, and the teams have a given bandwidth.

I believe that this post summarizes the ideas and ideologies that I have witnessed during the last couple of weeks/months. I have seen great posts from contributors that express these views better. The following is my attempt to organize these ideas.

The Ultimate Objective :dart:

Your own vision, motivation, or supreme world-domination plan might differ from the rest of the Community. However, there is some common ground where we can all agree. Namely:

  • Dai adoption (generating value)
  • Maker revenues (capturing value)
  • Growing the value of MKR (securing the value)

Our Strengths :muscle:t3:

Our Vibrant Community

The Community is great. We produce many ideas: a glance in our forum is enough to overwhelm almost any newcomer (and some veterans). I don’t think I speak only for myself when I say that I love reading the different threads and diving into the various rabbit holes.

Our Teams

Our teams keep producing very high-quality reports at an incredible pace (Have you seen those reports assessing the collateral types yet?). Our engineers are poached like there’s no tomorrow by the whole DeFi industry (We miss you guys).

Our Product

Maker is a world brand. Dai is the decentralized stablecoin. The need for it has been proven several times over while we see the adoption grow exponentially. While we explore expanding the frontier even more with real-world assets, the ceiling doesn’t appear to be in sight.

The Challenge :woman_climbing:t2:

So. Many. Great. Ideas.

The Community regularly floods the forum with incredible ideas and potential implementations. And this is a fantastic thing. Some are minor tweaks to make a progressive change. Some others make us rethink the whole Protocol from the group up.

So. Many. Integrations.

Check out this collateral type; it will grow a lot. Most likely, a game-changer. What about that new token? Or that other LP token? How about this other token that incorporates the blue dollar price and multiplies it by the entropy found on the decay of plutonium? Our oracles can surely handle that. Keepers also, no problem.

Our Teams

While we throw an immense amount of work at them (no, why would we prioritize it first?), the magicians behind Maker try to make sense of it all. (Un)fortunately, they have families. And private lives. Go figure.
And they need to onboard new developers. And train them. All while reviewing several collateral type applications, MIPs, and spells.
The other theory is that they’re quite lazy. Who knows.

The Movement :face_with_monocle:


I don’t want anyone leaving. Not only are these people quite skillful, but also they’re (overall) pleasant people. If we stretch anyone too thin, they’re likely to sail for better winds. Furthermore, the risk of making mistakes increases, and we don’t want tech-debt piling up.


We’re working on prioritizing the workload better. Numerous trade-offs to consider as there are several competing factors: short-term versus long-term impact, growth, stability, and security, to name a few.

We have made some substantial progress on the collateral onboarding front. We’re working on prioritizing MIPs now. We want to be able to coordinate all the teams to maximize positive impact.


We believe that decentralization leads to resiliency. Several concurrent initiatives are booming, adding layers of organizational complexity. We attempt to coordinate and organize several teams while changing processes and ensuring that the show is still running.


We are working hard to produce documentation to allow people to self-onboard (as much as possible). We are also welcoming several new contributors to become more productive and resilient.


That said, let’s be patient: let’s try to understand each team’s constraints, and let’s try to help them be more productive. Reviewing an assessment takes less time than producing one. And let’s keep working together towards supreme world domination. Or making Dai being used everywhere (whatever comes first).