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Growth, Strength, and Profits

Key Info

Name: Field Technologies, Inc. (Headed by Chris Cameron)
Forum: @PaperImperium
Rocketchat: @PaperImperium
Email: [email protected]

Core Values

  • Maximize profits while minimizing risk to the Maker Protocol
  • Tight internal controls of cost and operations
  • Position Maker to stand alongside central banks and international finance organizations

Delegate Statement

I see Maker as a powerful, gargantuan force for stabilizing the world economy and enriching MKR holders who take that seriously. Maker has unique financial “superpowers” that can best be used at scale, which requires the protocol to grow exponentially from its current position. In five years, I want Maker to be well known in all circles of power and finance, and in ten years to be well known in most households. We have an opportunity to do much good in the world, and reap the profits that come with fulfilling that mission. Maker has a destiny, and I am committed to making that destiny manifest.

Maker currently wallows in capital inefficiency and an imperfect method of bridging the real world markets and the protocol. It is as though the world was gifted with Excalibur, and instead of changing the very landscape of the financial world, the legendary blade is left in its sheath, the edge dulled and its potential unfulfilled.

Addressing these problems is my top priority, and have announced a plan to safely allow Maker to move into the publicly traded financial markets, create constituencies to defend Maker politically through a tidal wave of charitable giving financed by vast holdings of governments’ own debts, and scale the supply and reach of DAI by at least an order of magnitude. Maker should only accept rates commensurate with the risk it shoulders, and providing safe sources of revenue to complement our core businesses should be at the forefront of our thoughts. Profits and scale bring with them security.

At the same time, Maker’s messaging and profile must undergo similar changes. Maker is no longer a quirky, anti-establishment crypto project. I brought a senior representative of the Federal Reserve to speak with us, and also a member of the powerful House Financial Services Committee. Central banks and international finance organizations now approach us for data. US Senators make their advisors available to us to answer questions about upcoming legislation. Who else has so diligently labored to secure Maker through diplomacy? I need your support – directly through delegation or indirectly through voting your approval of the initiatives Maker requires – to ensure Maker sits at least as an equal alternative to central banks, governments, and the traditional financial order.

We have outgrown discussion panels in ivory tower cloisters and now require a seat at the table with the powers we are increasingly interacting with. The world will continue to evolve, and it is vital that we harness that evolution to serve the world and the protocol. Maker offers a different, more benign, path than the existing financial order, and it deserves to be treated as a peer and partner for financial stability and growth – not feared because we have done a poor job of introducing ourselves to the world.

Maker deserves to move freely in the real world, and its growth will be stunted if it dawdles inside the crypto financial sphere. Crypto is not enough.

We should be financiers to governments, crowned heads, corporate titans, and tomorrow’s innovators. The crypto markets are simply too small for this amazing machine we call Maker to realize its full potential to directly alter rates of growth and inflation, while providing a counterbalance to politically incentivized central banks and international agencies. It is imperative we demonstrate both our value as partners for, and our capability to act independently of, established centralized finance.

Maker has many opportunities before it, but it also requires steady hands to avoid unforced errors. There will be enough challenges in front of us without inflicting them needlessly upon ourselves. By delegating your MKR votes to me, I can make sure professional, rigorous processes will be used by all operational core units. When messes are made, I will ensure they are cleaned up and that lessons are learned. The diffusion of responsibility within the DAO structure makes it difficult to ask hard questions when a hand is held out seeking funds. I have a history of asking those uncomfortable questions, and will continue to do so.

Being a steward of voting power is a responsibility I take seriously. It is not a small thing to relinquish decision-making power to another party. But I need your support – either directly through delegation or through voting for initiatives in the plan outlined above – to help Maker become the beating heart of the world economy. It does not matter which, as long as you share my vision of what Maker can become.

I am always available to speak in more detail about any issue or concern, and am already well practiced at listening to the privately voiced concerns of MKR holders and community members. Do not hesitate to reach out to me with ideas, problems, new information, or simply to vent.

Communication is important, and that is especially so when some positions are nuanced. Anyone interested in delegating or coordinating votes for a common cause may request inclusion on a weekly summary of position on recent and upcoming votes.

Conflicts of Interest

  • My personal holdings include mainly technology and real estate related assets, with no major investments in financial services. I will recuse myself from any issue relating to a company that represents >1% of my liquid net worth or >2% of my total net worth (currently Apple, Alphabet, and Gladstone Land).

  • Field Technologies, Inc. has no substantial financial holdings, and has historically operated in the cultural resource management consulting space. I will recuse myself and Field Technologies. Inc. from any issue relating to a business partner. Without naming specific companies in advance, these are likely to be limited to large engineering firms and other infrastructure-related construction services providers.

I have read and agree to abide by the Delegate Code of Conduct.

Waiver of liability

By delegating to Field Technologies, Inc., you acknowledge and agree that Field Technologies, Inc. will participate on a best efforts basis and will not be liable for any form of damages related to participation in the Maker Protocol or MakerDAO.


Happy to see the application. Always appreciate your active participation and support!

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Anyone who couldn’t make it, here is a (brief) glance at what I see on the immediate agenda for Maker: