Parameter Proposal Group - MakerDAO RWA Committee

Parameter Proposal Group as outlined in MIP46.


As real-world assets (RWA) are now live on MakerDAO, it makes sense to help Governance to reduce the RWA-related burden by having a dedicated committee to provide higher-level propositions to MakerDAO Governance.

The RWA risk assessments are quite long (>20 pages) and technical.

The RWA reports are also complex and can necessitate discussions to form an opinion.

The Real-World Finance Core Unit tries to be factual and not give direct answers.

Moreover, going forward, the stability fees (SF) of RWA might need to be changed in response to market rate changes or portfolio compositions. This will lead to many small-level decisions (and low impact for most) that could be heavy to be dealt with by Signal Requests.

Therefore, the RWA Committee would bridge a gap between the low-level informations and the decision by digesting the RWF report and providing an actionable proposal to the MakerDAO Governance. The objectives of the committee are to reduce the governance burden and speed up the process.


  • Debt Ceiling for RWA
  • Stability Fees for RWA
  • Triggering of liquidations due to covenant breach or if DC is set to 0
  • Committee opinion regarding RWA collateral onboarding


Identification: PPG-RWA-002

Informal name: MakerDAO RWA Committee (RWAC)

Members and Conflicts of Interest

Current members (and declared conflict of interest) of the RWA Committee are:

Conflicts of Interests are stated by each individual by their own judgment. In case something is changing it will be updated in this thread.

The Real-World Finance Core Unit (and any future RWA-related Core Unit) will be participating (if the RWA Committee agreed to) but without having a say in the committee proposal.

Consistency, Reactive and Cooperative

The committee is going to meet at least once a month and publish a note and proposals regarding its scope in the MakerDAO forum. In case urgent changes are necessary, specific meetings and communication will be done.

The committee will also be consulted on an ongoing basis by the RWA-related Core Unit for RWA-related matters.

This committee is cooperative with other committees on the same scope.


I’ll give it a punt. Pencil me in @SebVentures


How many people are you looking for? I don’t think I have as much specialized experience/knowledge as might be desired but I do go to all the RWA Public Calls and pay attention to the forum posts. Also a big fan of research projects :slight_smile: Will gladly defer my spot to others, but down for the cause if you need another noggin.

Sure i would like to help. I will recuse myself for 6s related matters


I would like to apply to be a member of this group.

My background:

  • worked at KPMG on various projects involving Blockchain and RWA. Also worked with their global risk team on communicating “independance” (i.e. impartiality) rules with lead partners.

  • spent past two years developing FRA (i.e. swap) software to be eventually used by MakerDAO clients who cant afford to be exposed to DSR

  • I’ve been an active member of MakerDAO community since the summer of 2018

Conflicts of Interest:

  • Naturally I would be more conflicted than most other members due to my current project. Happy to assume a non-voting position if this helps resolve that.
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Happy to join here if my non-expertise on the field of RWA would help this group.

No conflicts of interests

I hope to have a significant vested interest in the success of RWA in MakerDAO, and thus would love to join. This will be a conflict, but will leave it up to the current members whether or not I’m a good fit.

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I’m adding anyone, and the group will itself decide how to organize.

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I’d like to support and join as well. There’s a conflict of interest related to RWA using the Centrifuge model

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I would also like to join the group. My background is in CRE debt.


Nice dude! We mos def need someone with CRE debt experience. And welcome to the Forum!

I would join if you want. UCC/repossession/foreclosure/bankruptcy/fraud/real estate legal experience as a U.S. attorney.


I would like to join if you folks will have me. Conflict of interest with NAOS Finance being a asset manager in the current PA-DROP MIP6 application and for any future applications, and will recuse for those related matters. My experience is in fixed income syndication, FX trading and strategy.


I would be very interested in joining. I have done credit and insurance ratings and models for longer than I care to remember. Also I am involved in developing an SME credit blockchain platform for UK/EU - potentially for connecting to a collateralization crypto model.


I am interested in joining this committee to help support the Risk Assessment of RWA. My background is in supply chain management as an Asset Originator.

Conflict of interest: currently involved in a MIP6 Application. I will recuse myself from any project(s) that I am involved in.


Great, @DavidJeng can you send me a private message with your rocket chat handle? Thanks.

As decided by the committee, applications will be closed after the next 3 people or at the end of the week. It’s getting crowded there.

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I am interested in joining this committee to help support the Risk Assessment of RWA. I am a serial entrepreneur, with experience in commercial real estate lending and investing.

Conflict of interest: currently involved in a MIP6 Application. I will recuse myself from any project(s) that I am involved in.

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I’m wondering if I’m still in the 3-person limit or not :wink: Recently I went through the whole variety of RWA topics here on the forum and I believe my insight could be helpful. Professionally I run a real estate co since 2015 where I’ve worked on over 2B EUR worth of projects and so what I’ve witnessed first-hand might have a tiny bit of value :wink: other than that, an engineer at heart and an entrepreneur since 1999. Cheers!


The week is over sadly :slight_smile: Let me ping @prose11 so he can coordinate with RWA Committee to think about that.


Thanks for the ping Seb. Probably going to start a waiting list @Tru_Greg if the committee is up for it. We’re still getting our wheels turning and have a full house at the moment. I do suspect overtime the group size might get a bit more manageable.