Participate in brand research + Support marketing efforts for MakerDAO

Hey everyone, the Content CU is going to be conducting interviews to gain insight into MakerDAO’s brand and we need YOUR help to collect the data.

A brand is an expression of why a person or organization does the things they do. In general, people have an easier time relating to others when they talk about why they do what they do rather than what they specifically do.

To gain insight into MakerDAO’s brand, we’re inviting community members to schedule a 15-30 minute call where we can learn about why MakerDAO matters to you.

Responses may be kept private but the data collected will be anonymized and aggregated to share with the community. If permission is given, responses will also be used to create marketing materials for the DAO.

Why do brand research?

Discussions about what our brand is often end up in a stalemate over topics like whether or not it’s appropriate to characterize MakerDAO as a bank.

Rather than attempt to facilitate another one of these discussions, we believe the best way to gain insight into our brand is to ask community members individually: why does MakerDAO matter?

By giving us an understanding of who you are, how you use MakerDAO, and how MakerDAO fits into the DeFi ecosystem, our team can produce more effective content and provide helpful insights Core Units and community members can use to grow the MakerDAO ecosystem.


  • Obtain info about perceptions of why MakerDAO matters
  • Collect content to aggregate into various types of output
  • Share the human side of MakerDAO with the wider community
  • Gather interesting stories about peoples experience finding and joining the MakerDAO community.
  • Strengthen the MakerDAO brand by clarifying what the people who work for MakerDAO care about

How to participate

Schedule a call with a team member today!

If you’re uncomfortable being recorded, we can make accommodations. Your thoughts and opinions are valuable for our purposes whether recorded or not.

Want to follow up? We’d love to! Our doors are always open and all sharing is helpful.

If you have concerns or questions please leave a comment or feel free to DM myself, @seth, or @alec.


Would you also be interested in participants from outside the forum? It might be interesting to ask the question of why MakerDAO matters to the broader crypto community e.g. random DAI user, although one-on-one calls might be a bit too much work.


I’m happy to see that MakerDAO Content CU has a very similar approach to the one that AmaZix proposed on the 30th of June during the 🚀 Core Unit Launch Pod Sessions ||| Session #13: AmaZix Marketing Core Unit AMZX-001. It’s the sign that our plan makes a lot of sense.

Check from 19:33 onwards:

We do actually plan to expand this further out into the community! Thanks for the suggestion!


Yes, individuals from the broader community are welcome and encouraged to participate!


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