Personal guided tour to understanding MakerDAO

I was encouraged by @hexonaut to create a post where I put forth a specific request.

My request is to better understand the world of MakerDAO by virtue of a more personal and direct method. I care about understanding how a specific modification could be made to the Maker platform that would enable something like:


If someone wanted to take the time to speak to me via zoom then I’m willing to pay 0.15 ETH per hour for the assistance. I’ve been in the Ethereum ecosystem since the crowdsale but my ability to keep pace with Maker’s advancements has fallen out of step.

Thank you



I’m available on Mondays to answer specific questions (see here for details). I’m afraid I probably can’t spare the time to give you a guided tour or engage consistently, but on the other hand I don’t require payment for the time spent answering questions in that weekly slot.

What if ETH moons and you end up overpaying!? Much easier to use DAI for the stable value. :slight_smile:


You know this is exactly what I needed to remember, that there is a MakerDAO governance call. I think I will do my best to attend the next one. Thank you very much for reminding me.

No problem! Just to clarify though, the governance calls are on Thursdays (here’s the agenda for the next one). The call I was referring to earlier is a office-hours type one-on-one thing with me as governance facilitator.

You are welcome at either or both :slight_smile:

In addition to Governance and Risk call each Thursday there is a Community call each Tuesday. In case you do not attend you can watch them any time.

Can you provide me the link for the Tuesday call?

Most recent Community Call (that is online) is from last Tuesday.