Planet_X Delegate Platform

Key Info
Name: Planet_X
Forum: @Planet_X
Rocketchat: @planet_x
Email: [email protected]
Delegate Address: TBA

Core Values

  • Scaling
  • Functionality

Delegate Statement
With regards to Maker I believe two things: Maker has to scale and Maker has to function.

Needless to say, Maker is not going to scale unless the organization is first functional. With functionality, I refer to directions that if left untouched will not damage Maker in the foreseeable future. It is a good-enough approach - not perfection. Accordingly, issues such as governance overhead and organizational focus have me worried. This is also why I believe we need to nurture softer aspects like community spirit and culture carefully. Building a community capable of continuously attracting talent is the goal.

With regards to scaling, I am an out-of-the-closet shameless enthusiast. When I refer to scaling I do not mean to settle for the slow organic growth of a few assets per month, I am talking about configurations capable of eventually handling thousands of collateral types per month. Naturally, this is not doable with a system depending largely on human interaction which is why I am a big believer in things like automation, incentives, and staking.

Examples of articles by me involving scaling:
Staking 1
Staking 2
Staking 3
Staking 4
Vault topography
Avoiding Ren Protocol’s mistakes

Examples of articles involving functionality:
Governance overhead
Dependence on major token holders
Shareholder vs Tokenholder

Other work:
Not afraid to sometimes do a hard but necessary job
Telling it like it is
Trying to be constructive

What you get when you delegate to me:

  • Full-time crypto enthusiast, an investor in Maker since 2016.
  • Near-total interest alignment, basically looking after my most substantial investment anyway.
  • High attendance rate

Conflicts of Interest
I hold other cryptos in addition to MKR, but the relative amounts are such that I do not think it will impair my judgment. If significant portfolio changes are made, I will notify the community.

I hereby agree to the Delegate Code of Conduct