Please discuss, can we start creating a WBTC-B vault?

I see that the trial of the ETH-B vault seems to have been successful, and we should consider starting to create a WBTC-B vault to improve utilization and competitiveness. Please discuss, can we start creating a WBTC-B vault?


You want it? You propose it.


I think this is a good idea. With the recent capital inflows into BTC and new alt. investment funds launching in 2021–it will be interesting to see what these new alternative funds will do when they acquire BTC and they look to invest in the digital infrastructure of blockchain tech --if so, will they wrap their BTC and use it in the DeFi ecosystem via DAI? If so, I believe an LR of 130% makes sense. When possible, it would be good to hear from @Primoz and the rest of the community and see what everyone things.

Funny thing–over the weekend I heard that less than 3% of Institutions hold/have gold in their portfolios (somehow I assumed all of then had some type of exposure to it). It’s just not a thing they care to put their money into, or care to hold–so, the Real Money has not even sniff this ecosystem… we need to find a way to go out there and grab it.


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